How to replenish a deposit

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Deposit replenishment through Ysell

1. In Ysell, under the Setting tab, go to Companies, and then click Prep in the upper right corner.

2. A window will open in which your balance or deposit will be displayed. To replenish it, click “+”.

3. In the new window, enter your e-mail and the desired amount of replenishment of the deposit.

4. After you click Save, a new window will open where you will need to enter the details of the card from which you wish to transfer money to the deposit. Fill in all the fields and click “Pay”.

You can also fill your deposit through services such as PayPal and Payoneer. To do this, enter the desired amount in your PayPal or Payoneer account and in the note, be sure to include the name of your company and the word “Deposit”.