Fulfillment Center in Dallas, TX: Order Fulfillment Services for Efficient Ecommerce

Our Dallas, Texas fulfillment center offers a full range of ecommerce 3PL services. We guarantee professionalism and reliability in every aspect:

  • Preparation for Amazon FBA
  • Storage of goods
  • Order fulfillment
  • Processing returns

Get a 10% discount on ALL fulfillment center services (excluding storage and transportation). Place your products in our Dallas fulfillment center by 07/31/24 and enjoy the benefit of the first month working with our Prep center.

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Order fulfillment within 1-2 days

Multichannel order fulfillment

Individual chat support

FBM fulfillment and FBA preparation

*Regular processing time for 98% of all shipments except at peak times such as public holidays and peak seasons such as Easter or the pre-Christmas period

Dallas Fulfillment Center: Key Benefits for Order Fulfillment

Our warehouse in Dallas provides optimal conditions for efficient logistics and fast order fulfillment:

– Daily order pickup. Proximity to multiple Amazon distribution centers allows for daily pickup. This is crucial for fast delivery and efficient logistics, as it ensures close cooperation with Amazon for prompt order fulfillment.

– Prime location. Dallas is a central hub in the southern United States’ logistics infrastructure. Close proximity to major transportation routes and key logistics hubs provides fast, reliable delivery across the country.

– Fast-growing region. Texas is well known for its economic potential, which creates optimal conditions for the logistics and manufacturing operations of large corporations.

– Advanced infrastructure. Dallas’ well-developed logistics infrastructure, including highways and an international airport, makes it easy to get goods into the warehouse and orders out to customers quickly.

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Fulfillment-Box warehouse in Dallas, Texas

Fulfillment-Box in Dallas: Efficient Order Fulfillment

With years of experience in ecommerce, Fulfillment-Box guarantees efficient order fulfillment. Our 3PL warehouse in Texas covers all stages, from order processing to delivery to customers. We offer flexible and scalable solutions that are customized to meet your business needs.

Grow Your Amazon Business with FBA Prep Center Services

Maintaining consistent sales on Amazon can be challenging due to the need to prepare products for FBA shipping. We offer comprehensive solutions to ensure quality preparation and timely shipment of your products. Our experienced Prep center staff provides careful storage, thorough quality control, professional labelling, and packaging. Once prepared, we ship your products to one of Amazon’s distribution centers in Dallas. Entrust your products to us to increase your Amazon sales faster.

  • Receiving and storage of goods
  • Quality Control
  • FNSKU labeling
  • Picking and repacking
  • Shipment or transit to the Amazon warehouse
  • Processing of returns and removals
FBA Prep center services

Orders From Multiple Sales Platforms

Our Dallas 3PL warehouse uses state-of-the-art Ysell.pro software, which allows you to consolidate orders from multiple marketplaces into a single account. This software easily integrates with major ecommerce platforms and automates the exchange of critical information with your sales channels.

Fulfillment-Box 3PL Warehouse in Dallas:


1716 Baker Road, 75090 Sherman

Work hours:

Monday - Friday
From 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM (GMT -5)

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    Do you fulfill orders only in Texas or throughout the U.S.?

    Fulfillment-Box provides 3PL services not only in Dallas, Texas, but also throughout the United States. Explore our network of fulfillment centers nationwide and choose the best option for your business. If most of your customers are located in the South, our Dallas center is an excellent choice.

    How many warehouses do you have in Texas?

    We have two 3PL warehouses in Texas. In addition to the Dallas warehouse, we also have a warehouse in Houston. Both warehouses offer modern warehousing and order fulfillment solutions to meet your business needs.

    How much do fulfillment center services in Dallas cost?

    We maintain a fair and transparent price structure: pay only for the services you require.

    Tell us about your products and needs, and we will provide a personalized solution tailored to your business!