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We Have Expanded Our Warehouse Space in Kodersdorf

Dear Сustomers,

We are pleased to announce the significant expansion of our warehouse in Kodersdorf, Germany. The new, spacious, and modern warehouse, covering an area of 1600 m², allows for the storage of pallets, oversized, and mixed cargo. This expansion offers you even more opportunities to grow your business, and we are excited to grow with you.

Our Kodersdorf warehouse is conveniently located near the A4 motorway, just a few minutes from the borders of Poland and the Czech Republic. In collaboration with our branch in Zgorzelec, this warehouse provides cost-effective and comprehensive order processing solutions in both Germany and Poland. This is especially convenient for customers from Eastern Europe, particularly from Ukraine, who are looking to enter the German market. The advantageous border location of the warehouse significantly reduces shipping costs from Eastern Europe and Ukraine without compromising delivery speed within Germany and the EU.

To celebrate the expansion, we are offering a discount for all new customers! Store your goods in the warehouse by August 31, 2024, and receive a 10% discount on all services, excluding storage, packaging, and transportation.

Kodersdorf Warehouse

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