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Exchange contact information

Fill out the contact form here.

Authorization in the Ysell system

After signing the contract you will receive a link for authorization in the system. Use the login and password in the letter to access the system.

Conclusion of an agreement

Read and sign a cooperation agreement. Send a completed and signed copy of the agreement to the email address
You can download the template of the agreement here.

Initial Settings in Ysell

Follow the instructions to set up the initial settings. During the installation process download the product information by adding the integration with the marketplace. You can find the instructions here.

Synchronization with Prep centers

Provide your account ID to the support manager in your individual Ysell support chat via telegram or Skype to synchronize your account with the Prep centers of your choice.

Adding Listings

You can add listing information manually without integration with a marketplace. Instructions for adding listings without integration with marketplaces are here.

Sending goods to the Prep center warehouse

After that, create the first shipment to the Prep center warehouse. Instructions for creating shipments are here.

Labeling of goods

Be sure to mark the goods with special Masterbox labels so that the warehouse can identify your goods. Instructions for working with masterbox labels are here.

Creation of shipments of goods from the Prep center to the Amazon warehouse and to the end customer

After receiving the goods at the Prep center warehouse you can send the goods yourself from the Prep center warehouse to the Amazon warehouse. Instructions for sending from the Prep center warehouse to the Amazon warehouse (FBA) is here.
You can also send goods from the Prep center warehouse to the end customer. Instruction for creating an order manually (FBM) is here.
Instruction for shipping an order is here.

Refund Handling

To process the removal orders by the Prep center you have to enter the Prep Center address in the following format in the return address field on Amazon Seller Central:

Fulfillment-BOX (name of your company)
Walter-Geerdes-Str. 14
28307 Bremen
*be sure to indicate the name of your company in brackets

For each product you can leave instructions for the processing of your returns.
After processing the returns from Amazon the status of the shipment in Ysell will be changed.
This way you will know when the returns arrived at the warehouse.
Return / Removal handling instructions are here
Instructions for working with returns are here

In-depth functionality of the Ysell system

You can familiarize yourself with the functionality of the Ysell system at the link here.