3PL for Dropshipping

Sell like a dropshipper, fulfill like a fulfillment center

Unlock new opportunities for your dropshipping business with the leading 3PL provider, Fulfillment-Box. We'll take care of your dropshipping fulfillment, so you can focus on results worry-free.

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Take Dropshipping to the Next Level with Fulfillment-Box

Collaborating with a fulfillment center for dropshipping is a strategic advantage for your business:

  • More control over order fulfillment;
  • Consolidation of products from multiple suppliers in one order;
  • Opportunities for branding and marketing strategies;
  • Simple handling of returns;
  • Reliable solution for dropshipping on Amazon.

As a 3PL company, Fulfillment-Box offers cutting-edge solutions for dropshipping order fulfillment. With 15 years of experience in ecommerce, an international network of warehouses, and state-of-the-art technologies, everything is geared towards your success.

3PL for Dropshipping
Worldwide warehouses network for dropshipping fulfillment
Warehouses in Europe and America

Scale your dropshipping business with our global network of fulfillment centers - enter new markets and attract more customers.

Fulfillment Warehouse for Dropshipping
Warehouse in China

Efficiently work with Chinese suppliers. We will conduct supplier inspections on-site and facilitate direct shipping of orders to customers.

Order Fulfillment with DHL
International fulfillment

With fulfillment warehouses in Germany and Poland, we can ship dropshipping orders worldwide using DHL. Don't limit your business and customers.

Fulfillment-Box integrates with Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Woocommerce
Multichannel fulfillment

Our software integrates with most online stores and marketplaces - Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Otto, and more. Work with multiple sales channels and reach a larger customer base.

3PL for Amazon Dropshipping

Dropshipping on Amazon

Dropshipping on Amazon is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to start selling on the marketplace. The key is to meet all of the platform’s requirements. Our dropshipping fulfillment service will help you comply with Amazon’s strict policies:

  • We will repack the order, removing any supplier information, and ship it on behalf of your company.
  • We can enhance your brand presence by using branded packaging materials, boxes, and adding inserts to the package.
  • We will handle customer returns for you.
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Offer Customers an Enhanced Shopping Experience

Dropshipping shouldn’t be synonymous with mediocre service.
With a dropshipping fulfillment service, you can offer customers a premium experience.

quality icon


We will inspect the goods upon receipt and notify you if anything is amiss. Rest assured that your customers receive what they expect. Minimize returns and increase customer satisfaction.

branding icon


We can remove all supplier materials from the package and replace them with your branded packaging materials. Your customers won’t have any doubts about where they bought the item.

marketing icon


We’ll include free samples, business cards, and other types of inserts in order to enhance the unboxing experience and encourage repeat purchases.

Here’s How Our Fulfillment Center for Dropshipping Works


Initial setup: Set up the integration of our WMS system with your online stores and marketplaces, configure all necessary dropshipping order fulfillment rules. After this, all you'll need to do is manage shipments and monitor order processing.


Order processing: When a customer makes a purchase, place orders with the supplier and send them to our warehouse.


Order fulfillment: The fulfillment warehouse will receive and inspect the items, assemble, and immediately ship the order. No delays. The use of powerful software ensures accurate order picking.


Returns processing: We'll handle the entire returns process - accept, inspect, and either return the item to the supplier or keep it for reshipment to the customer.

Everything Is Simpler with Automation

For dropshipping operations, our fulfillment centers utilize the powerful Ysell.pro software, which automates all processes. No more tedious communication with support or data exchange via spreadsheets. You only need to provide the shipment ID.

  • Integration with sales channels ensures automatic order import and status synchronization with your online store (including tracking number transmission).
  • You can leave instructions for packing and assembling each item or order, and the system will notify us.
  • Tracking serial numbers, SKUs, and other identifiers ensure accuracy in execution.
  • In case of order cancellation, we’ll restock the item and automatically include it in the next order.
  • You can easily track all shipments, orders, and returns.
  • Detailed reports are available in the system for performance analysis.
Dropshipping order fulfillment automation

We'll Handle Your Dropshipping

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    FAQ about 3PL for Dropshipping

    Which problems do dropshipping businesses most commonly face?

    Dropshipping business, like other online trading models, has its unique order fulfillment challenges. The most common ones include:

    1) Product Quality: Lack of inventory control increases the risk of sending low-quality items to customers.

    2) Supplier Issues: Supply chain disruptions and poor service quality can cause order fulfillment delays and affect reputation.

    3) Dealing with Multiple Suppliers: Orders from different suppliers may be delivered to the customer in separate packages, negatively impacting the buying experience and increasing shipping costs.

    4) Marketing and Branding Opportunities: Limited packaging customization options can hinder brand presentation and building emotional connections with customers.

    5) Returns Processing: Lack of control over the delivery process complicates handling requests for returning items, which can negatively affect the customer experience.

    How can a 3PL company help a dropshipping business?

    3PL companies play a crucial role in addressing the logistical challenges of dropshipping and offer several advantages:

    ✔ Logistics and Shipping: 3PL companies typically have a network of warehouses and optimized logistical processes, allowing them to process orders quickly and efficiently.

    ✔ Scalability: Partnering with a fulfillment provider enables dropshippers to scale their businesses, especially useful when increasing order volumes and expanding delivery geography.

    ✔ Quality Control: Fulfillment centers offer dropshippers the necessary stage of product quality checks, helping avoid sending inferior products and maintaining brand reputation.

    ✔ Consolidation: 3PL companies can consolidate items from different suppliers into one order, reducing shipping costs and enhancing the customer experience.

    ✔ Branding Opportunities: Some 3PL companies offer services for packaging customization and including promotional materials in orders. This allows dropshippers to create a unique and memorable experience for customers, fostering strong brand identity, loyalty, and repeat purchases.

    ✔ Amazon Dropshipping: 3PL companies assist dropshippers in complying with Amazon requirements, including order consolidation from different suppliers, removal of supplier information, and replacing it with the dropshipper’s information, as well as returns processing.

    Partnering with a dropshipping fulfillment company significantly streamlines and optimizes logistical processes, allowing businesses to focus on key aspects of company growth and improving customer service.

    How to choose the right 3PL dropshipping?

    Choosing the right fulfillment center for dropshipping requires careful analysis and evaluation of several key criteria.

    1) Experience and Reputation: Learn about the experience and reputation of your potential partner. Make sure the 3PL has experience working with dropshipping and a good reputation among clients.

    2) Logistics Infrastructure: Check for the availability of modern warehouses, warehouse management systems, and optimized logistical processes.

    3) Geographical Location of Warehouses: Pay attention to the geographical location of warehouses and their proximity to suppliers and customers. This can reduce delivery times and improve customer service.

    4) Customer Service Level: Pay attention to the level of customer service, including responsiveness to inquiries, communication methods, and procedures for addressing complaints and issues.

    5) Flexibility and Scalability: Evaluate the flexibility and scalability of services according to the growth of your business and changing needs.

    6) Pricing and Contract Terms: Compare the cost of services from various providers and consider contract terms such as service fees, minimum order quantities, and contract durations.

    Thoroughly analyze each potential partner and choose the one that best meets the needs and business goals of your company.

    Why is it difficult to find a 3PL for dropshipping?

    Despite the widespread availability of 3PL companies, finding a suitable fulfillment service for dropshipping can be challenging for several reasons:

    Dropshipping Specifics: Dropshipping has its unique requirements and characteristics, such as the need to process many small orders, fast delivery, packaging customization, and more. Therefore, not all 3PL providers work with dropshipping.

    Process Requirements: For successful dropshipping operations, a 3PL provider must process orders quickly and fulfill them immediately upon receiving goods from the supplier. This may be challenging for some 3PL companies.

    High Fees: 3PL providers may charge high fees for their services, which may not be suitable for dropshipping businesses.

    How much do dropshipping fulfillment services cost?

    The cost of dropshipping fulfillment services can vary significantly depending on several factors, including order volume, types of products, geographical location of warehouses, level of service, and additional services.
    You can review Fulfillment-Box tariffs on the website.