Shipping cargo from China to Germany

We deliver your cargo from China to Germany efficiently and reliably – safety, favorable terms, and on-time delivery.

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Shipping from China to Germany with Fulfillment-Box

With 15 years of experience in the e-commerce industry, we have significantly expanded our expertise in logistics. Thanks to this experience, we offer you the most optimal solutions for shipping goods from China to Germany. Our qualified specialists take into account the destination, deadlines, dimensions and weight of your cargo to develop a cost-effective route. We handle various types of cargo, from small parcels to containers and large batches.

We not only offer services as standard freight forwarder from China to Germany, but also provide comprehensive solutions for managing the entire supply chain, including supplier inspection, product delivery, and order fulfillment. You can perform pre-shipment inspection in China and then use our fulfillment warehouses in Germany for further distribution.

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Transportation methods for shipping cargo from China to Germany

Sea freight from China to the USA

Sea freight

We offer LCL and FCL sea freight services from one port to another, door-to-door, as well as port-to-door. Delivery to German ports – Hamburg and Bremerhaven – takes approximately 30-50 days. An economical option for transporting large items from China to Germany.

Rail freight from China to Europe

Rail freight

Rail freight to Germany takes between 15 and 30 days, saving both time and money. Compared to sea freight, it’s a faster and more reliable delivery method, and compared to air freight, it’s also cost-effective.

Air freight from China to the USA

Air freight

Air freight from China to Germany takes about 5 days on average. We provide door-to-door, airport-to-airport, and various other combinations, working only with trusted airlines and carriers.

Express shipping from China to the USA

Express delivery

The fastest delivery of goods within 1-3 days using international courier services such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Our full package of express shipping services from China to Germany includes logistics, customs clearance, and door-to-door delivery.

Door-to-door shipping (DDP/DDU)

Door-to-door shipping (DDP/DDU)

Transportation of goods from the supplier’s warehouse to yours. With DDP, we handle all processes and costs associated with customs clearance, so all you have to do is accept the shipment. With DDU (DPA), you’re responsible for customs clearance and payment of duties, but we take care of all the organization and transportation.

Fulfillment-Box warehouse

Delivery from China to Fulfillment-Box Warehouses

We will deliver your goods from China to Fulfillment-Box 3PL warehouses in Germany for further order fulfillment or preparation for Amazon FBA. This way, we’ll take care of your entire supply chain.

Amazon FBA Warehouse

Delivery from China to Amazon FBA warehouses in Germany

Our services include complete customs clearance, payment of duties, and door-to-door delivery. At our warehouse in China, we can pre-inspect your goods and prepare them according to FBA requirements.

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Fulfillment-Box - your reliable freight forwarder from China to Germany

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Services with a personalized approach

With extensive experience in e-commerce, we possess deep insights into the intricacies of logistics from both the supplier and recipient perspectives. This allows us to tailor the most optimal delivery routes from China to Germany according to your specific needs.

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High-quality service

Our support team is available to you through individual chat five days a week. During working hours, managers respond within 20 minutes to promptly address all your inquiries. We speak multiple languages, including English, German, Russian, and Ukrainian, ensuring maximum convenience and understanding in communication.

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Services at our warehouse in China

Our warehouse in China is ready to provide additional services such as supplier product inspection, consolidation, repackaging, labeling, preparation for FBA shipping, and more. This ensures a secure delivery of goods without any unpleasant surprises.

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Comprehensive solution

We provide you with a comprehensive solution for shipping goods from China. Our service package covers all stages of the supply chain - from supplier verification to product delivery, order fulfillment, and returns processing. This allows you to consolidate and organize all logistics and fulfillment processes in one place.

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    Frequently asked questions about shipping from China to Germany. A brief overview

    How much does shipping from China to Germany cost?

    The cost of shipping from China to Germany is calculated on an individual basis. Factors considered include the mode of transport, season, dimensions, and urgency.

    Estimated cost for consolidated cargo shipping:
    ● Sea freight LCL: $75-125 per cubic meter
    ● Rail freight LCL: $150-200 per cubic meter
    ● Air freight: $6-9 per kilogram
    ● Express delivery: from $10 per kilogram

    Estimated cost for shipping a full container load (FCL) from China to Germany:

    ● Sea freight FCL (20-foot container): approximately $1500 to $3000
    ● Sea freight FCL (40-foot container): approximately $2500 to $4500
    ● Rail freight FCL: approximately $6000 to $8000

    What is the cheapest shipping method from China to Germany?

    Sea freight is the most cost-effective method of shipping goods from China to Germany. It also offers more options for bulky cargo and large shipments compared to air and rail freight. However, sea freight involves longer routes and requires more time.

    What is the shipping time for goods from China to Germany?

    The shipping time for goods from China to Germany depends on the mode of transport:

    ● Sea freight: usually 30-50 days
    ● Rail freight: 15-30 days
    ● Air freight: 3-5 days
    ● Express delivery: 1 to 3 days

    What are the main ports in Germany for shipments from China?

    The main seaports in Germany used for shipments from China are:

    ● Port of Hamburg
    ● Port of Bremerhaven
    ● Port of Wilhelmshaven
    ● Port of Bremen

    Is express shipping from China to Germany possible?

    We work with leading international courier services such as UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Through their services, we offer express shipping from China to Germany. Your goods will be delivered within 1-3 days.

    What customs duties and taxes need to be paid when shipping from China to Germany?

    Importing goods from China to Germany requires payment of customs duties and VAT. We recommend calculating the duty and tax amount specifically for your goods in advance to avoid unforeseen expenses.

    Do I have to pay customs fees for shipping goods from China to Germany?

    As the cargo owner, you are responsible for customs clearance, including fee payment. However, as the freight forwarder, we can handle this on your behalf to save time.

    Who pays the import duty for shipping from China to Germany?

    Similar to customs fees, import duties are paid by the owner of the cargo. However, we can also handle this on your behalf.

    Shipping cargo from China to Germany: a comprehensive guide

    In this guide, we will explore all aspects of shipping goods from China to Germany: optimal delivery methods, routes, delivery times, costs, as well as important aspects of customs clearance.

    China plays a strategic role in e-commerce for European sellers, providing access to a wide range of products at competitive prices. Collaboration with Chinese suppliers and organized logistics allows for swift responses to changes in demand and offering customers up-to-date products.

    Shipping goods from China to Germany can be done through various methods, including sea, rail, and air transport. Each method has its own characteristics and advantages. We will delve into each method in detail and determine which best suits specific needs.

    Freight Shipping from China to Germany

    Sea freight from China to Germany

    Sea freight China to Europe is a reliable and cost-effective option for large, heavy goods and products with a long shelf life. Among all delivery methods, sea freight tends to be the most economical.

    Sea freight from China

    Sea freight shipping from China to Germany is popular among owners of bulky, heavy goods, and products with long shelf lives. It is a reliable and cost-effective shipping method.

    However, sea freight transportation takes a considerable amount of time. The total duration of transportation can be up to two months, depending on various factors, including distance and route.

    When planning your supply chain, it’s important to consider the lengthy transportation to avoid potential product shortages and sales losses.

    When to choose sea freight from China to Germany:
    1) You need to ship a large quantity of goods (over 300 kg).
    2) You need to ship goods that cannot be transported by air.
    3) Delivery time is not a critical factor for you, and you want to save money.
    4) You need to ship oversized goods.

    With sea freight shipping, you can ship both full container loads (FCL) and less than container loads (LCL) from China to Germany.

    Full container load (FCL)

    Full Container Load (FCL) can be the most economical option for shipping from China to Germany. This is possible if your goods actually fill an entire container. In this case, you pay for the container rather than the weight of the goods. The most common container sizes are 20-foot and 40-foot containers.

    Less than container load (LCL)

    Less than Container Load (LCL) is a less expensive option for shipping small batches of goods from China to Germany. With LCL, you rent space in a container rather than the entire container. Your cargo is consolidated with others, and you pay only for the space used.

    Comparing FCL and LCL, full container load is a faster shipping method. This is because you are not dependent on other shippers to fill the container. You can save time on unloading and deconsolidation at the destination point.
    FCL is also slightly safer than LCL. Since only your goods are in the container, this reduces the risk of damage or loss of part of the cargo.

    Consult with Fulfillment-Box specialists to determine the best method for your cargo.

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    Rail freight from China to Germany

    Rail freight transportation from China to Germany is an attractive alternative to maritime and air transportation. It operates year-round, providing supply chain stability. The speed of freight trains exceeds 100 km/h, significantly surpassing the speed of sea vessels. Additionally, rail freight is a more cost-effective option compared to air transportation.

    Using the railway makes shipping safer: the risk of cargo damage is significantly lower than with maritime or air transportation. While rail freight is less dependent on weather conditions, it is more susceptible to obstacles along the route. If there is a breakdown or track repair, there may not be an alternative rail route available.

    Rail transportation ensures the safety of cargo delivery. Although this method of transportation is less affected by weather conditions, it is more vulnerable to potential obstacles along the route, such as track breakdowns or repairs. Gradually, rail freight from China to Germany is becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs due to its convenience and reliability.

    Similar to maritime transportation, you have the option to rent either a full container (FCL) or just a portion of its volume (LCL).

    Rail freight from China to Germany would be a good choice in the same scenarios as sea freight:
    1) You are sending a large batch of goods weighing more than 300 kg.
    2) You are shipping goods that are prohibited for air transport.
    3) Transportation time is not a critical factor for you.
    4) You are shipping oversized cargo.

    Rail freight offers advantages over maritime shipments such as shorter delivery times, although you can still expect to wait approximately a month. However, the cost of rail shipments is higher accordingly.

    Rail Freight from China to Europe

    Air freight from China to Germany

    Air freight from China to Germany provides rapid delivery, significantly reducing transit time compared to other modes of transportation. This is especially beneficial for goods that require urgent delivery or have a limited shelf life.

    Air freight from China

    When it’s worth considering air freight for shipping goods from China to Germany:
    1) If you need to receive the goods within a week.
    2) If the goods are perishable.
    3) When transporting valuable or fragile cargo.
    4) If the weight of your cargo does not exceed 500 kg.

    When opting for air freight, it’s essential to ensure that your goods comply with transportation regulations. Some items, such as compressed gas, flammable liquids and solids, as well as oxidizing and corrosive substances, are prohibited for air transportation.

    Express shipping from China to Germany

    Express shipping from China to Germany is the ideal choice when time is of the essence. Your shipment will reach you in just 1-3 days.

    Only international courier services such as DHL, UPS, TNT, and FedEx provide express delivery services.

    Express delivery is door-to-door (D2D) only. The courier service handles all organizational aspects of the process: preparing necessary documents, customs formalities, logistics, and delivery to the specified location. You will only need to accept the shipment upon its arrival.

    Express shipping from China to Germany will be the most suitable option if:

    1) You have perishable goods.
    2) You need to receive the shipment as quickly as possible.
    3) You need to transport a small batch of goods or documents.

    Door-to-Door delivery (D2D)

    Door-to-door delivery ensures direct shipment from the supplier or manufacturer in China to your warehouse or another destination in Germany. The freight forwarder takes on key tasks such as customs clearance and organizing transportation. All you have to do is receive the goods in Germany.

    Door-to-door delivery implies the completion of the entire logistics cycle. However, there are other options where the importer and exporter share different stages of the shipment delivery. This could be delivery from port to port, port to door, or door to port. Similar options are available for railway and air delivery.

    Depending on the combination, the exporter may need to deliver the goods to the point of departure, while the importer may need to collect the goods from the port, railway station, or airport.

    Fulfillment-Box is your reliable shipping agent from China to Germany. We offer a flexible system of services and tariffs, allowing you to choose the most suitable door-to-door delivery option.

    How much does shipping goods from China to Germany cost?

    How much does shipping of goods from China to Germany cost, depends on several factors. These include obvious aspects such as the shipping method, distance, and size of the cargo. However, factors like seasonality and carrier competitiveness also play a role. There is no fixed rate, so even approximate costs can be misleading.

    To understand pricing, it’s important to know what logistics expenses consist of and what influences them. Let’s look at the main costs associated with shipping goods from China to Germany:

    Payment for freight forwarding services

    No one can do the job better than a specialist in this field. Therefore, it is worth entrusting the shipping of goods from China to Germany to a reliable freight forwarder. You will be able to calmly await the arrival of the cargo instead of dealing with numerous logistics issues yourself.
    Freight forwarding services for shipping goods from China to Germany may seem expensive, but it is the price for the convenience, peace of mind, and safety of your cargo.

    Customs duty payment

    To import goods from China to Germany, you need to pay customs duty. The amount of duty will depend on the type and value of the goods.

    Insurance expenses

    Insurance provides protection against losses and damages during the transportation of goods. Insurance helps to reduce risks and guarantees compensation for potential losses, giving confidence in the delivery process.
    The actual cost of insurance also depends on various factors: the method of transportation, the characteristics of the cargo, the chosen insurance broker, and the type of transportation (air, sea, or rail).

    Transportation expenses

    The cost of transportation is one of the main components of expenses. It significantly depends on the chosen mode of transportation (rail, sea, or air freight) and delivery times. In addition, it is necessary to consider the expenses for transporting the cargo from the supplier to the departure port in China, and then from the destination port to your warehouse in Germany.
    Door-to-door delivery makes transportation expenses more predictable since you pay for everything upfront. Additionally, freight forwarders often have agreements with local transportation companies and can offer more favorable conditions.

    The cost of sea freight transportation from China to Germany

    Transportation by sea is the most economical option, although it requires a long waiting time.

    The cost of shipping a full container (FCL) from China to Germany ranges from $1500 to $4500 depending on the distance and size of the container (20- or 40-foot).

    For the delivery of small batches (LCL), the cost is from $75 to $125 per cubic meter.

    Shipping cost from China to Europe
    The cost of rail transportation from China to Germany

    Delivery of goods by rail has a higher cost compared to sea delivery, but it is still cheaper than air transportation. The price of delivering a full container (FCL) varies from $6000 to $8000. For small batches (LCL), the cost is approximately $150-200 per cubic meter.

    The cost of air freight from China to Germany

    Air transportation is the most expensive but fastest way of delivery, excluding express delivery. The average cost of air transportation ranges from $6 to $9 per kilogram.
    The price of air delivery significantly depends on external factors. During holidays, peak seasons, and winter, the cost of delivery will be much higher than during the off-peak seasons and warmer months. Competition among airlines also plays an important role. Under similar delivery conditions, different companies may have different prices.

    The cost of express delivery from China to Germany

    Express delivery is the most costly method of shipment, with average expenses ranging from $10 per kilogram. The cost depends on the weight, packaging of the goods, as well as the choice of courier service (DHL, UPS, TNT, or FedEx).

    Shipping time from China to Europe

    How much shipping time does it take to deliver goods from China to Germany?

    Depending on the delivery method and planned route, international delivery from China to Germany can take anywhere from 1 to 60 days.

    Sea freight requires the longest amount of time, typically taking up to two months (30-50 days). The choice of departure port in China, the selected route, and the destination port in Germany significantly impact the delivery time. Factors such as customs clearance time and subsequent transportation to the final destination also play a role.

    Delivery by train takes less time than sea freight but still requires a significant waiting period. On average, railway transportation takes from 2 to 3 weeks.

    Air freight is a faster delivery option, taking anywhere from 3 to 10 days depending on the route. A direct flight can take just a few days, considering the delivery of the cargo to the airport. An indirect flight may take longer.

    Express delivery, as implied by its name, is the fastest option, taking only 1-3 days.

    All the mentioned time frames are approximate and heavily depend on various factors such as seasonality, current workload, distance, type, and weight of the cargo.

    Main delivery routes from China to Germany

    Understanding delivery routes and transit times is crucial for planning and estimating the delivery schedule of your cargo.

    Sea freight routes

    The route from China to Germany typically passes through the Suez Canal, which is the most common route for container shipping. The delivery time for sea freight varies from several weeks to several months, depending on the route and chosen shipping line.

    Rail freight routes

    Various railway routes are available for transporting goods from China to Germany:

    • Eastern (also known as the Northern route) passes through the eastern part of China, Siberia, Belarus, and enters Europe.
    • Central route passes through the northern part of China, Mongolia, and further through Russia and Belarus.
    • Western (or Southern) route passes through the southwest of China, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus.

    Since 2022, railway transportation from China to Europe has seen new developments. China is actively testing multimodal routes bypassing Russia – through Kazakhstan and Turkey. These routes combine both sea and rail transport.

    Air freight routes

    Transporting goods from China to Germany is facilitated through various international airports, including Shanghai Pudong, Beijing Capital, and Guangzhou Baiyun. The most popular routes include direct flights or connections through major transit hubs such as Dubai, Hong Kong, or Frankfurt. Delivery time for air freight can vary from a few days to a week, depending on the chosen route and carrier.

    How to deliver goods from China to Amazon FBA warehouse

    Amazon is a leading e-commerce platform, and many importers aim to set up deliveries in a way that goods from China are directly delivered to Amazon FBA warehouses in Germany. Let’s delve deeper into this delivery method.

    Direct shipping undoubtedly allows you to save money, but it also carries certain risks. Amazon FBA sets strict requirements for the quality, packaging, and labeling of goods. The Amazon warehouse may refuse to accept goods or demand additional payment for processing. Moreover, when shipping from China, you have limited quality control options for the goods.

    In such cases, it is recommended to use the services of intermediaries or freight forwarders to ensure smooth delivery of goods from China to Amazon FBA warehouses in Germany and avoid unforeseen expenses and situations.

    Often, sellers request manufacturers to prepare goods specifically for Amazon FBA, and in such cases, it is advisable to engage an inspector in China. They will conduct a product inspection before shipment and ensure that the items meet all quality standards.

    Amazon FBA warehouse

    You can also use the services of a local company specializing in preparing goods for shipment. This will ensure the quality of the goods before sending them to Amazon FBA warehouses in Germany.

    For safe delivery, it’s advisable to choose the Door-to-Door method to avoid potential issues with receiving the cargo.
    Fulfillment-Box warehouse in China provides services for inspecting and preparing goods for Amazon FBA. Our logistics specialists will help you plan the optimal delivery route from China to Amazon FBA warehouses in Germany. Fulfillment-Box offers a comprehensive solution for sellers, providing a full range of services.


    Transporting goods from China to Germany is a complex and multifaceted process that requires careful planning and an expert approach. Optimal choice of transportation, proper logistics organization, compliance with necessary customs procedures, and strict adherence to requirements play a crucial role in successful delivery.

    The right decision would be to turn to a professional freight forwarder from China to Germany, such as Fulfillment-Box. Utilizing the services of a freight forwarder helps reduce the likelihood of unforeseen problems and delays in delivery, ensuring a smoother and more controlled process. Freight forwarders also possess the necessary information about customs procedures and transportation rules, which helps avoid potential errors and simplifies the entire process. Experience and knowledge of all nuances can be the deciding factor for the successful and safe delivery of your goods.

    Allow the Fulfillment-Box team to offer you professional logistics services for shipping goods from China to Germany.

    We value the trust of our clients and are ready to provide the best solutions for delivering your goods.