Order fulfillment services

Your professional ecommerce fulfillment solutions

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Network of order fulfillment centers

Fulfillment-Box offers a broad network of fulfillment warehouses in Europe, Turkey, Canada, the USA and China. This allows to deliver the goods quickly and cost-efficiently all over the world, as well as to receive customer returns. You can manage your goods stored in any of the warehouses using the same account.

Full range of order fulfillment services

Fulfillment-Box provides a full range of order fulfillment services for ecommerce. We take full responsibility for storing goods, picking, packing, shipping orders and handling returns. We also offer individual services on request.

Special software

Fulfilment-Box uses the Ysell.pro software. This allows you to check all processes in real time – tracking the order status, stock availability and much more. It is possible to integrate with Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Woocommerce and other popular marketplaces.

How does ecommerce order fulfillment outsourcing work?

Order fulfillment process - from warehousing to distribution

Warehousing & Storage

Your goods arrive at our warehouse. We check them, sort them, place them in the warehouse and enter the information into the system.

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Pick & Pack

We offer a wide range of cardboard packaging for your orders. We can also personalize your order – use branded packaging, leaflets, inserts or other elements of your choice.

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We ship orders within the country using only reliable local carriers. International shipments are carried out with DHL service. Orders will be shipped to customers quickly and undamaged.

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FBA Prep

We store, label and pack goods in accordance with all the rules, after which we send them to FBA.

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Returns management

We check every return for damages and enter information about the condition of the goods into the system. You can also leave additional instructions for checking certain goods. We will take care of the disposal of products, if required.

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Save on your logistics with Fulfillment-Box company

We are engaged in e-commerce ourselves, so we strive to reduce the costs of order fulfillment all the time. We therefore offer our clients the same cost-effective tariffs for fulfillment services which we use ourselves.

  • There is no fee for the integration with Ysell.pro.
  • There is no subscription fee.
  • There are no penalties for long-term storage.
  • You pay only for services provided.
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