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The wide network of fulfillment centers for your confident presence in the ecommerce market in Europe. Showcase your brand to millions of high-spending customers.

  • Fulfillment warehouses in 6 European countries
  • Fulfillment services in the EU and the UK
  • Integration with European marketplaces
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Ecommerce Fulfillment Services in Europe

In Europe, there are over 540 million active ecommerce users, and this number is growing every year. It is anticipated that the revenue of the European ecommerce market will exceed 900 billion by 2027. So, if you are considering expanding your business to the European market, now is the right time.

The best solution is to collaborate with a trusted European fulfillment company, such as Fulfillment-Box. We offer a full range of fulfillment services for ecommerce and even more. With warehouses in key European countries, our fulfillment center can ensure swift order fulfillment across the entire Europe.

Ecommerce in Europe

Why Choose Fulfillment-Box in Europe?

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Local and global fulfillment

Our warehouse network enables us to provide fulfillment services both within the country and across Europe. From our warehouse in Germany, we facilitate international shipping through DHL.

Individual approach icon

Individual approach

We value the customer, not the process. Therefore, we are ready to adapt our offer to your requirements and provide individual services upon request.

Comprehensive solution icon

Comprehensive solution

We offer you a solution for the entire supply chain from China. With us, you can inspect suppliers, efficiently deliver goods from China to Europe, manage inventory, and dispatch orders to customers.

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3PL and Fulfillment Services in Europe

The experts at Fulfillment-Box have extensive experience in ecommerce fulfillment in Europe, as it is our home region.

By trusting our fulfillment company, you get a partner who thoroughly understands the ins and outs of ecommerce in Europe. We provide you with not only quality services but also over 10 years of our own experience.

3PL Services for Amazon Sellers in Europe

Services for Amazon Sellers

Amazon is a key player in the ecommerce market in Europe, so Fulfillment-Box offers comprehensive services for Amazon sellers:

  • FBM order fulfillment
  • SFP order fulfillment
  • FBA Prep Center services

We will receive, label, prepare, and ship your products to your customer or to the Amazon FBA warehouse. With years of experience working with this marketplace, we know exactly how to meet all its requirements.

3PL services for Amazon


Fulfillment-Box offers 8 warehouses in 6 European countries for storing and managing your goods. Distribute your inventory to be closer to customers and deliver orders on time.

All warehouses are located near transportation hubs and European Amazon FBA warehouses.

Our European fulfillment centers use a modern Warehouse Management System (WMS). Thanks to this, all warehouse processes are optimized and automated, and you can control inventory at any time from anywhere in real-time.

Storage service
Order fulfillment in Europe

Order fulfillment

Trust us with the entire order fulfillment cycle for your European customers. Picking, packing, shipping – we’ll take care of it all.

Our order fulfillment services in Europe can also include:

  • Set or kit assembly;
  • Use of your packaging;
  • Adding flyers or other printed materials to packages.

We can follow your individual packing instructions, such as using additional packaging for fragile items or adding sample kits.

Fulfillment services

Returns processing

Ecommerce is impossible without returns. That’s why each of our fulfillment centers in Europe provides reverse logistics services.

Our specialists promptly accept and inspect each return, allowing you to resell the product and minimize losses. If necessary, we will take care of disposal.

Our WMS system enables you to track used goods as efficiently as new ones. No returned item will be lost or forgotten.

Return processing services
Returns processing services in Europe
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Freight Forwarding Services

We’ll help you not only fulfill orders throughout Europe, but also safely deliver goods from your supplier in China. Our logistics experts will plan the optimal delivery route to ensure the uninterrupted flow of your supply chain.

Freight from China to Europe
Freight Shipping from China to Europe

Compliance Services in Europe

EU laws are strict and not always easy to comply with. That’s why we offer assistance with ensuring compliance with regulations, so you don’t have to puzzle over it yourself and risk hefty fines for violations.

More about our compliance services

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    In which European countries can you fulfill orders?

    We can fulfill orders in all European countries. If there is no local warehouse in a country, we can send the order via DHL from Germany or Poland.

    Do you provide fulfillment services only in the EU?

    No, we also have a warehouse in the United Kingdom. For all European countries, we can ship orders via DHL.

    Do you have fulfillment centers only in Europe?

    No, in addition to fulfillment center in Europe, our company is also present in the United States, Canada, Turkey, and China. You can use these warehouses along with the European ones for better distribution of goods. We can also facilitate the shipment of products from China to any of our warehouses in Europe.