3PL Ecommerce Fulfillment

Streamline your operations and focus on building your brand. Eliminate lost inventory, shipping delays, and packaging issues with our expertise. We handle the logistics, so you can achieve success.

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  • Order fulfillment
  • Returns processing
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Your All-in-One 3PL Solution for Ecommerce Fulfillment

From supplier to customer – we take care of the entire journey

Forget juggling multiple providers! Our comprehensive 3PL ecommerce services handle everything from warehousing and order fulfillment to efficient returns processing – the entire final leg of your supply chain. Simply send your inventory, and we’ll manage it all.

At Fulfillment-Box, you’re more than just a number. Our customer-centric approach ensures you’re always at the heart of our service.

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API integration

Connect your marketplaces and shopping carts for inventory tracking and order processing.

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Multilingual support

We speak your language. Choose between English, German, Ukrainian, and Russian.

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Individual approach

We adapt to your requests, not the other way around.

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Maximum accuracy

We guarantee accuracy in all warehouse processes with products through serial number tracking.

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International fulfillment

With 3PL warehouses in 9 countries, we can provide regional and international 3PL fulfillment services.

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Transparency and control

Thanks to our powerful WMS system, you gain complete control and transparency at every stage of collaboration.

Warehousing and Storage

Place inventory closer to your customers with our strategically located 3PL fulfillment warehouses. This ensures speedy deliveries and boosts customer satisfaction.

Leave your inventory worries behind. We receive and store your products in state-of-the-art warehouses equipped with advanced WMS systems. Real-time online access provides complete inventory transparency.

We use a combination of barcodes, SKUs, and serial numbers for meticulous product identification. This guarantees accuracy and minimizes errors.

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3PL Warehouse and loader
order fulfillment at 3pl warehouse

3PL Order Fulfillment Services

Our 3PL ecommerce fulfillment solution involves seamless execution of your orders with a personalized touch.

Provide us with your picking, packing and shipping instructions – we’ll handle it all. Set assembly, individual packaging, adding flyers to orders, same-day shipping, and more.

Seamless integration with marketplaces and trading platforms is ideal for omnichannel fulfillment and automation.

Working with product serial numbers, we can guarantee maximum order fulfillment accuracy at our 3PL warehouses.

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Returns Processing

Turn returns from an inconvenience into a new opportunity.

We promptly receive, inspect, repack, and reintegrate returns into inventory so you can resell them as soon as possible. If needed, we’ll take care of product disposal.

We process each return according to your individual instructions. Software capabilities enable you to efficiently track and manage the return process.

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Returns Processing
On-Demand 3PL Services

On-Demand Services

Your success is our success. That’s why our 3PL services are fully geared towards the growth of your ecommerce business.

To address non-standard situations, we offer value-added services. These may include obtaining additional insurance, locating lost shipments, forced label printing, providing a mailing address, and much more.

Consult with our managers and discover how we can assist you.

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Our 3PL fulfillment services are suitable for:

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Sports equipment

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Children's products

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Pet products

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We Work with an Omnichannel Strategy

It doesn’t matter how many or what type of sales channels you have.

As a tech-savvy 3PL fulfillment provider in the ecommerce industry, we can bring them all together for omnichannel order fulfillment — Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Woocommerce, Allegro, Kaufland, Otto, Cdiscount…

Configure integration with just a few clicks and enjoy automated inventory tracking and order processing. With us, you can seamlessly distribute inventory among warehouses and trading platforms, as well as manage order fulfillment locations without any hassle.

What our clients are saying

Fedor TereshchenkoFedor Tereshchenko
19:09 18 Jan 24
I learned about Fulfillment-Box from a friend who was already collaborating with them at that time. I came on his recommendation, and I recommend them to you too
Denis WalkerDenis Walker
07:46 25 Dec 23
Thank you for the stability and quality
Sergey GrinSergey Grin
12:03 31 Oct 23
Great service! Always in touch.
Sasha YakuninSasha Yakunin
11:39 19 Oct 23
It has been a few months since we started wotking togerher and despite some bumps on the way I must saay FB team meets our expectation fully. It is a pleasure to work with such a responsice, attentive to details and fast-reacting team. Recommended.
Julia SchmittJulia Schmitt
10:29 15 Feb 23
We have been working with Fulfillment-Box for over a year. They take great care of our returns. We can only recommend them, very professional and easy to work with.
Andrew StegereskuAndrew Stegeresku
11:39 29 Aug 22
Reliable and professional fulfilment services. High-performance operational software (a little bit complicated sometimes, but it is due to wide range of tasks solved). Real-time customer service. I use this company services not in Germany only, but in UK, Canada and US. Really helps me to scale the business.
victoria nabokvictoria nabok
10:27 26 Jul 22
I have been working with the warehouse for more than a year.Service at a high level.Loyalty, support, price-quality - all 5 stars!!!The network of these warehouses maintains service standards equally professionally and on time.Thank you for your work!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Third-Party Logistics?

    3PL (Third-Party Logistics) in ecommerce is a logistics approach where a third-party logistics company is engaged to carry out warehousing, order fulfillment, and supply chain management processes. However, the type and extent of services depend on the specific 3PL company and its agreement with the client.

    Why should you entrust ecommerce fulfillment to a 3PL provider?

    A 3PL ecommerce fulfillment provider ensures maximum optimization and efficiency of all warehouse operations. You don’t have to worry about the costs of training staff, installing equipment, and establishing workflow processes. With an experienced team ready to go, you can elevate customer service levels and enhance your brand reputation.

    However, all of this will only work if you choose the right 3PL company.

    When is it worth outsourcing logistics?

    Outsourcing logistics can benefit any business if the right 3PL fulfillment provider is chosen according to specific needs. This allows you to free up time and human resources spent on warehouse processes to focus on brand development.

    However, there are certain situations where turning to a third-party logistics provider is more of a necessity:

    1. Rapid business growth: If your team is no longer keeping up and resources are insufficient to expand capabilities.

    2. Planned international expansion: It’s much more convenient and cost-effective to collaborate with a 3PL fulfillment provider in the target country when planning international expansion, rather than investing in warehouse facilities, hiring and training staff, and establishing logistics processes.

    3. International companies: International companies benefit from having multiple warehouses close to their customers. This allows faster order delivery and return receipt, improving the overall customer experience. In such cases, partnering with a global 3PL company is more advantageous than independently building a warehouse network.

    What 3PL services are included in your offering?

    We provide a complete range of 3PL for ecommerce, including storage, order fulfillment, returns processing, and additional services tailored to your needs.

    Each of these areas encompasses a multitude of sub-services, including order customization, regional and international fulfillment, transit shipping, and much more.

    You can learn more about them on our website or contact us for a quick consultation.

    How to start working with us?

    To begin using our 3PL fulfillment services, please submit a request. After finalizing the terms, we will onboard you into our system, receive your goods into our warehouse, and commence operations promptly.

    How is the integration with my online store going?

    We provide API integration with your marketplaces and trading platforms for inventory tracking and order processing automation.

    How much do the services of your 3PL company cost?

    We adhere to a transparent pricing policy and do not conceal any fees from you. Check out our pricing for 3PL services. Please note that the cost of some services may depend on volumes.

    What volume of products are you able to process?

    We are ready to collaborate with enterprises of various scales, from small businesses to large companies. Our 3PL ecommerce fulfillment services are flexible and scalable.

    Do you have any questions? Contact us for consultation