3PL Services for Seller Fulfilled Prime

Get and retain the Amazon Prime label with our special 3PL solution for SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime).

  • Easily meet Amazon requirements
  • Attract more new customers
  • Increase profit and grow your business
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Fulfillment-Box Makes SFP Accessible

We provide you with all the necessary tools to comply with the requirements of the SFP program and maximize its benefits. Unlock the potential of your business on Amazon with our 3PL Seller Fulfilled Prime services.

Nationwide fulfillment

Fulfillment-Box has a wide network of warehouses in key locations for Amazon. This allows us to easily provide the demanded nationwide fulfillment within 1-2 days in European countries, the United States, and Canada.

Distribute your inventory and be closer to your customers.

Fulfillment-Box warehouses location
Same-day order fulfillment

Same-day order fulfillment

As a professional 3PL provider, we have a well-established system for working with delivery services. It includes daily pickups for same-day shipping.

We collaborate with Amazon-approved delivery services such as DHL, DPD, FedEx, Royal Mail, UPS.

Powerful software for process management

In our work, we use powerful order fulfillment software that ensures maximum automation of all processes. Therefore, we guarantee 99% accuracy in fulfilling SFP orders. This helps meet Amazon’s requirement for a low percentage of canceled orders.

You get complete visibility into the process – from receiving the product at the warehouse to shipping the order to the customer.

Ysell.pro Software
SFP order fulfillment with DHL

Exclusive solution for fulfillment with DHL

To fulfill SFP orders with DHL, you need to be a business customer and ship at least 10,000 parcels per year. We can provide our DHL business customer number so that you can save time and start using this service immediately.

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Increase the Likelihood of Repeat Purchases

Allow customers to remember your brand and come back for repeat purchases.

This is possible thanks to our customized packaging service. We can use your branded packaging and various paper inserts to create a memorable unboxing experience for the customer.

Make the most of the SFP and Amazon Prime program and make your brand recognizable.

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customized packaging service
comprehensive logistics solution for Amazon

Utilize All the Opportunities Amazon Provides

Amazon provides sellers with a vast array of opportunities, and we offer a comprehensive solution for tapping into them.

In addition to 3PL services for SFP, you’ll find with us a solution for working with suppliers in China, fulfilling FBM orders, preparing for Amazon FBA, and handling returns.

Fulfillment-Box is the only 3PL service provider you’ll need for growth on Amazon.

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Unlock the Potential of Prime Program with Our SFP 3PL Services

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is SPF?

    SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime) is an Amazon program that allows sellers to fulfill Prime orders themselves. For the buyer, there is no difference between the programs. They still receive all the benefits of Prime.

    What are the requirements of the SFP program for sellers?

    Among the key requirements from Amazon to participate in the SFP program are:

    1. Fulfilling 99% of orders on the same day.
    2. Fulfilling orders on weekends (not applicable for European Union countries).
    3. Fulfilling orders nationwide.
    4. Low order cancellation rate (less than 0.5%).
    5. Allowing customers to return orders within 30 days and providing a refund within 2 days.

    In addition, Amazon requires participants in the SFP program to bear the cost of shipping, ship orders using the Amazon Buy Shipping service, and allow Amazon to handle customer inquiries.

    How is the SFP program better than Prime with FBA?

    The main advantage of the SFP program is that the seller retains control over order fulfillment. You can use your own branded packaging, include marketing materials in the shipment, and provide information about your other sales channels (e.g., online store).

    However, fulfilling Prime orders independently is much more challenging than entrusting it to Amazon. Therefore, it is worth considering collaboration with a 3PL (third-party logistics) company.

    Why should I use the services of a 3PL company for SFP

    The Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program sounds appealing in terms of greater control over order fulfillment (compared to FBA) and attracting new customers through the Prime badge. However, some of Amazon’s requirements for participation are indeed stringent. For instance:
    – The seller bears the shipping costs without receiving any discounts or compensation from Amazon.
    – All orders must be shipped on the same day, including week