Pick and pack services

A quick and accurate order picking service as well as packaging selection for a safe delivery

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Pick and pack is an important part of the order fulfillment

Fast and accurate order picking and packaging as part of order fulfilment is key to success in e-commerce. Customers love when their orders are processed quickly and arrived safe and sound.
Outsourcing of picking and packing will be an excellent solution, if you care about the quality of order fulfillment but do not want to spend your own time on it.

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Picking and packing process in a Fulfillment-Box warehouse

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Order fulfillment starts with picking. We place your goods in the warehouse so that they can be quickly found and picked up. The use of a special software minimizes the possibility of errors when collecting an order. This allows us to process orders within one day.

Precise and efficient order processing is particularly important to us. That’s why we use an innovative system to track unique serial numbers.
The tracking system guarantees precise order fulfillment and greatly reduces the risk of product identification errors. For example, every laptop configuration is assigned a unique serial number, allowing us to ship customers the exact the device they ordered.

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After picking we select reliable and durable packaging, based on the characteristics of the goods. You can provide us with your packaging or we will use standard packaging from our range. You can also leave us instructions if additional packing material needs to be used.

order personalization

Would you like to add inserts, gifts or samples to your package? We will do everything according to your instructions. The order fulfillment by a 3PL partner does not mean that you need to give up your marketing ideas.

Entrust the Pick and Pack service of your orders to the 3PL company with experience in e-commerce

We have been doing ecommerce for many years so we know everything about order preparation.

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