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Order fulfillment services in UK from a 3PL company Fulfillment-Box

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A warehouse in UK for ecommerce order fulfillment

Great Britain features a well-developed ecommerce market and is therefore attractive for many entrepreneurs. Besides from the location on the island, there is even Brexit which has empeded the access to the local market in the recent time. In this case a perfect solution for entrepreneurs will be a cooperation with a local fulfillment centre.

Fulfillment-Box official representative in United Kingdom:

Fulfillment-UK Ltd

Fulfillment-Box warehouse in Great Britain is located at the following address:

Unit 1 Marshbrook Close Aldermens Green Industrial Estate

Warehouse opening times:

Monday – Friday
From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (GMT 0)

Our office building and warehouse

Fulfillment services for business in UK

Fulfillment-Box is a global 3PL company with a warehouse in UK. We offer a full range of order fulfillment services for startups, online stores, Amazon and Ebay sellers as well as entrepreneurs who have several sales channels.

Our 3PL warehouse in UK offers the following services:

  • storage of goods
  • pick and pack (with the opportunity to use your materials)
  • order shipping
  • Prep centre services for FBA
  • returns management
  • disposal of defective goods

You can also contact us with an individual request. We can help you to handle many non-standard situations, because we ourselves have a long-term experience in ecommerce.

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