3PL Warehouse in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We offer comprehensive fulfillment and FBA Prep сenter services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Focus on growing your business, and we’ll take care of the rest:

  • Storage of goods
  • Order fulfillment
  • Preparation for Amazon FBA
  • Processing returns

Get a 10% discount on ALL fulfillment center services (excluding storage and transportation). Place your products in our Philadelphia fulfillment center by 07/31/24 and enjoy the benefit of the first month working with our Prep center.

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Order fulfillment within 1-2 days

Multichannel order fulfillment

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FBM fulfillment and FBA preparation

*Regular processing time for 98% of all shipments except at peak times such as public holidays and peak seasons such as Easter or the pre-Christmas period

Grow Your Business While We Take Care of Logistics

Are you just starting your ecommerce business or are you an experienced online seller? When it comes to delivery delays and order errors, any company risks facing negative customer reviews. That’s why our 3PL warehouse in Pennsylvania offers comprehensive logistics solutions for businesses of any size.

– Advantageous location. Our strategic location in Philadelphia provides quick access to major transportation hubs. By storing your products in our 3PL warehouse, you can be sure that your orders will be delivered in the shortest time possible.

– Fulfillment and Prep сenter. In addition to basic fulfillment services, we also provide Prep Center services. Sell your products through FBA, and we will process, label, and timely deliver the items to Amazon’s warehouse.

– Advanced WMS. To ensure transparency and clarity in warehouse operations, we have implemented a multifunctional warehouse management system. You will be able to see your inventory in real-time and monitor the order fulfillment process.

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Efficient Order Fulfillment

Our fulfillment center services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania provide end-to-end order fulfillment – from receiving goods at the warehouse to shipping orders and processing returns.

We not only fulfill orders quickly and accurately but also are ready to personalize them according to your request. Add promotional materials to orders, use additional packaging, or branded elements to increase brand recognition and customer satisfaction.

Sell on Amazon with FBA Prep Center Services

Our 3PL warehouse in Philadelphia provides FBA Prep center services. We carefully inspect and pack goods in strict accordance with Amazon requirements to free you from potential penalties, and timely deliver shipments to FBA warehouses.

Grow your business on Amazon by entrusting us with the following processes.

  • Receiving and storage of goods
  • Quality Control
  • FNSKU labeling
  • Picking and repacking
  • Shipment or transit to the Amazon warehouse
  • Processing of returns and removals
FBA Prep center services

One Fulfillment Solution for Multichannel Sales

Our 3PL warehouse in Philadelphia uses Ysell.pro software, which integrates with major marketplaces and shopping carts. Automatic order loading, seamless inventory information transfer, and exchange of important data with marketplaces – everything needed for efficient order fulfillment from multiple platforms at once.

3PL Warehouse Fulfillment-Box in Philadelphia:


474 Pike Rd Unit B. Huntingdon Valley PA 19006

Warehouse area:

size icon

12 000 f³

Work hours:

Monday - Friday
From 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (GMT -4)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you only fulfill orders in Pennsylvania or throughout the United States?

    Fulfillment-Box offers fulfillment services not only in Pennsylvania, but throughout the United States. Our extensive network of fulfillment centers in the USA allows you to choose the warehouse location according to your needs.

    If your orders primarily come within the state of Pennsylvania or the northeastern region, our fulfillment center in Philadelphia is an excellent choice.

    Why choose a 3PL warehouse in Pennsylvania?

    Choosing a 3PL warehouse in Pennsylvania can provide many advantages to your business.

    Located on the East Coast provides access to major transportation routes and major cities such as New York, Boston, and others. This allows you to count on faster and more economical delivery options.

    Moreover, our 3PL warehouse in Philadelphia is equipped with modern equipment and technologies for efficient storage and inventory management.

    How much do the services of a fulfillment center in Pennsylvania cost?

    We understand that each company has its unique needs and requirements. That’s why we offer a flexible pricing system which allows you to pay only for the storage space and services you use. This way you can make sure you don’t overpay and manage your warehousing and fulfillment costs effectively.

    Get in touch with us and tell us about your products and needs so we can calculate the cost of services specifically for you.