Responsible Person for Europe for One Year

Efficient EPR Support: Your Representative in the European Union

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Representation in the EU for Sellers from Non-EU Countries

We provide sellers from non-EU countries with the contact information of a responsible person who will act as their representative in the EU for fulfilling their EPR obligations on the Amazon platform.


1. Start the process by filling out the form on our website and providing all necessary details.
2. Your application will be processed by an Fulfillment-Box representative who will send an invoice request to the accounting department. Make the payment upon receiving the invoice.
3. After successful payment and confirmation of funds receipt by the accounting department, an Fulfillment-Box representative will provide you with complete information about the contact person.

It is important to note that this service is provided for one year with the option of extension.

Service Cost:

  • Cost of Responsible Person for 1 Year for Europe – 200 Euros

Responsible Person for Europe for One Year

    Company Name:

    Your Brand Name:

    Legal Address of Your Company:

    Your Ysell Account Manager:

    Name and Address of Your Company's CEO:

    Your Phone Number:

    Your Email Address:

    VAT ID of Your Company. If you have multiple VAT IDs, please specify the primary one as well as the one valid in Germany:

    National Registration Number of Your Company, Registration Authority Name, and Registration Date (Indicate the country to which this number belongs):

    Company Registration Certificate (Issued no earlier than 3 months ago):

    In which areas does your company operate? (Possibly multiple answers)



    Other sectors


    Office suppliers

    Restaurants, artisanal food production

    Dairy products


    Plastics processing industry

    Sweets, baked goods, dry goods

    Electronic devices and accessories

    Metal processing industry

    Fresh meat, sausage, fish

    Household goods, toys

    Chemical industry, raw materials industry

    Fresh fruit, vegetables

    Animal feed, animal supplies

    Construction supplies, installation, building materials

    Preserved food

    Drug store, healthcare

    Agricultural supplies

    Frozen food

    Textiles, shoes, sports

    Services, administration other small businesses

    Other food

    Other non-food

    Other industries and sectors

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