Support for registration of LUCID and EPR

We offer help with the registration of LUCID / CITEO for Germany and France

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Support for registration of LUCID and EPR / responsible person

We offer help with the registration of LUCID, so you can comply with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), if you will sell in the German and French market.
Also, we will help you register with a dual provider, which will provide you with an annual disposal report.
In addition, for sellers from non-EU countries, we provide the contact details of a responsible person who will assist in complying with the EPR obligations at Amazon.

Service prices:

  • Registration and linking of LUCID/EPR for Germany – 100 €
  • Responsible person for Germany – 200 € per year.
  • Registration and linking of CITEO for France 50 €

EPR regisration LUCID / CITEO

    What registration do you need?

    What kind of waste do you produce? Please indicate

    Your company name

    Your brand name

    Your business address (of your company!)

    Your ysell account manager

    CEO / business director name plus address

    Contact phone number

    Your E-mail address for receiving emails regarding epr including invoices from the respective companies

    Your companies' VAT ID(s) - if you have several please provide German as well as your main VAT number both if possible

    Your companies national registration number, registration office and registration date - please indicate which country this number belongs to as well!

    Your business registration (not older than 3 months!)

    Which sales channels do you mainly use?
    Stationary RetailMail orderImport trade and wholesaleDirect sales

    In which areas is your company active? (Multiple answers are possible.)