Assistance with LUCID and CITEO Registration

Registration with LUCID and CITEO to fulfill EPR obligations for sales in German and French markets

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Assistance with EPR Registration (LUCID/CITEO)

EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) is a concept under which manufacturers and importers of products are responsible for managing their products and packaging at every stage of their lifecycle, including sale, recycling, and disposal after use. The LUCID system provides the necessary registration mechanism to comply with this extended producer responsibility in Germany. To fulfill EPR obligations when selling goods in the German market, registration in the LUCID system is required. Additionally, registration with a dual provider is also necessary. They prepare annual utilization reports and invoice for packaging disposal annually. When filling out the registration form, you need to provide your bank IBAN, the account holder’s name, and an approximate quantity of packaging used within a year. After completing the registration process, the dual provider will send you an invoice to the email address you have provided.

CITEO is a French organization specializing in waste management and promoting sustainable resource use. It is the national operator in France, handling the collection, recycling, and disposal of packaging waste. CITEO operates in accordance with the principles of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), obliging manufacturers and importers of packaged goods to take responsibility for managing their products and packaging after use. Similarly, to fulfill EPR obligations when selling goods in the French market, registration with the CITEO system is mandatory.

It is important to emphasize that the cost of the license for LUCID/CITEO is not included in the price of our services. The rates listed on our website are solely for the services we provide. Based on our experience, our clients most frequently register the use of materials such as plastic and cardboard. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the potential expenses for obtaining a license from a dual service provider for LUCID.

Type of material Volume (in kg)
Paper / paperboard / cardboard050100200
License year 2023/2024 (without VAT)39,00€45,65€66,30€107,60€
Minimum invoice for the license 2023/2024 (without VAT) - 39,00€

The registration process consists of several steps:

1. Initiate the process by filling out the form on our website and providing all the necessary information.
2. An Fulfillment-Box representative will process your request and send an invoice request to the accounting department. Make the payment upon receiving the invoice.
3. After successful payment and confirmation of funds receipt by the accounting department, an Fulfillment-Box representative will proceed with registering your company in the LUCID system and with the dual service provider or in the CITEO system. The registration process takes no more than two days from the payment confirmation.
4. Upon completion of the registration in the LUCID/CITEO system, our company representative will provide you with all the necessary information to access your LUCID/CITEO account.

Regarding LUCID and the dual service provider, the first time, we submit a report in LUCID on your behalf and show you how it’s done. In the future, you will be required to independently submit reports on the packaging used for each reporting period.

Service Cost:

  • Registration and Connection Cost for LUCID in Germany – 100 €
  • Registration and Connection Cost for CITEO in France – 50 €

EPR Registration (LUCID/CITEO)

    Which service are you interested in?

    If your company has previously registered for EPR in Germany (LUCID) or EPR in France (CITEO), please provide your registration number:

    What type of waste does your company generate? (Please note that the film and tape used on boxes/pallets are considered plastic materials)

    Company Name:

    Your Brand Name:

    Legal Address of Your Company:

    Your Ysell Account Manager:

    Name and Address of Your Company's CEO:

    Your Phone Number:

    Your Email Address for EPR-related communications and invoices from involved companies:

    VAT ID of Your Company. If you have multiple VAT IDs, please specify the primary one as well as the one valid in Germany:

    National Registration Number of Your Company, Registration Authority Name, and Registration Date (Indicate the country to which this number belongs):

    IBAN, Last Name, and First Name of the Account Holder:

    Company Registration Certificate (Issued no earlier than 3 months ago):

    Which sales channels do you primarily use?
    Brick-and-mortar retailMail-order tradeImport and wholesale tradeDirect sales

    What products do you sell in your online store? (Select an option from the list and specify the products you sell)
    Products owned by your companyProducts owned by suppliers (vendors)Both types of productsMy company does not have an online store

    Specify the volume of packaging in kilograms that you plan to dispose of within a year (if necessary, this volume can be edited by the end of the year):

    In which areas does your company operate? (Possibly multiple answers)



    Other sectors


    Office suppliers

    Restaurants, artisanal food production

    Dairy products


    Plastics processing industry

    Sweets, baked goods, dry goods

    Electronic devices and accessories

    Metal processing industry

    Fresh meat, sausage, fish

    Household goods, toys

    Chemical industry, raw materials industry

    Fresh fruit, vegetables

    Animal feed, animal supplies

    Construction supplies, installation, building materials

    Preserved food

    Drug store, healthcare

    Agricultural supplies

    Frozen food

    Textiles, shoes, sports

    Services, administration other small businesses

    Other food

    Other non-food

    Other industries and sectors

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