Freight Shipping from China to the USA

Comprehensive freight forwarding services with various shipping options from China to the USA:

  • Sea freight LCL and FCL
  • Air freight
  • Express shipping
  • DDU/DDP, Door to Door, Port to Port, Port to Door

Do you have cargo to transport? We have a solution for its fast and easy shipping.

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Shipping from China to the USA with Fulfillment-Box

With over 10 years of experience in ecommerce, we possess in-depth knowledge of all logistics aspects. Our qualified specialists will find the optimal shipping from China to the US, considering the destination, timelines, weight, and dimensions of your cargo. Whether it’s parcels, small batches, or entire containers, we can help transport it all.
However, Fulfillment-Box is more than just another freight forwarder facilitating the shipping of your cargo from China to the USA. We offer a comprehensive solution for the entire supply chain – combining supplier inspection, logistics, and fulfillment. You can inspect goods before shipment and subsequently use our network of fulfillment warehouses in the USA for product distribution.

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Freight Shipping Options from China to the USA

Sea freight from China to the USA

Sea shipping

LCL and FCL sea transportation from port to port, door to door and port to door. Delivery from China to the ports of Los Angeles, New York, Oakland, Savannah, etc. Reliable and affordable delivery in 20-50 days.

Air freight from China to the USA

Air shipping

A faster shipping option from China to the USA within 10 days (on average). We collaborate with reputable airlines such as Emirates Airline, Singapore Airlines, Air China, and others.

Express shipping from China to the USA

Express shipping

Fast cargo delivery (1 to 5 days) using international courier services UPS, DHL, and FedEx on an “all-inclusive” basis (logistics, customs clearance, delivery).

Door-to-door shipping (DDP/DDU)

Door-to-door shipping (DDP/DDU)

We will take care of shipping the cargo from the supplier’s warehouse to your warehouse. With DDP shipping, we take full responsibility for customs clearance and related expenses; you only need to receive the cargo. With DDU (DPA) shipping, customs clearance and duty payment are your responsibility, while we handle all aspects of customs processing and transportation.

Fulfillment-Box warehouse

Shipping from China to Fulfillment-Box warehouses

Freight shipping from China to Fulfillment-Box 3PL warehouses in the USA for further order fulfillment or preparation for Amazon FBA. This way, we take full responsibility for your supply chain.

Amazon FBA Warehouse

Shipping from China to an Amazon FBA warehouse in the USA

DDP shipping of your goods to an Amazon FBA warehouse in the USA by sea or air. Complete customs clearance for export and import, duty payment, and door-to-door delivery. Our own warehouse in China allows us to pre-inspect and prepare goods for FBA, ensuring a smooth delivery process.

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Why Fulfillment-Box is the Best Freight Forwarder China to the USA