Fulfillment Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

Fulfillment-Box – your reliable 3PL solution for serving clients on the West Coast of the USA. Our fulfillment center in Las Vegas will take care of all your logistical needs:

  • Storage of goods
  • Order fulfillment
  • Preparation for Amazon FBA
  • Processing returns
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Multichannel order fulfillment

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FBM fulfillment and FBA preparation

3PL Warehouse in Las Vegas

Nevada might not be the obvious choice when it comes to finding a fulfillment operator to serve the West Coast of the USA. However, several advantages make this state strategically advantageous for conducting ecommerce:

– Low congestion: 3PL warehouses in Nevada are less congested than those in California, for example. This positively affects the speed of all processes and lowers the cost of many services.

– Favorable climate: Natural optimal conditions for preserving goods allow fulfillment centers in Nevada to operate without special equipment for regulating humidity.

– Business-friendly tax legislation and atmosphere: Nevada is known for its minimal bureaucracy compared to other states. Additionally, this state has no sales tax or personal income tax, which is a real bonus for ecommerce businesses.

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Fulfillment Center in Las Vegas, Nevada

Focus on Your Business, While We Take Care of Fulfillment

Our fulfillment center in Las Vegas, Nevada, handles the entire order fulfillment cycle – from receiving goods in the warehouse to shipping orders and processing returns. Our powerful WMS system gives you the necessary control over all processes.

You only pay for the space you use, while we ensure safe and organized storage.

We guarantee fast and accurate order fulfillment with customization options. Add promotional materials to orders, use additional packaging, or branded elements.

Increase your customers’ satisfaction with fast delivery, accurate picking, and an unforgettable unboxing experience.

Easily Sell on Amazon with FBA Prep Center Services

Our 3PL warehouse in Las Vegas also provides FBA Prep Center services. Grow your business on Amazon while we take care of meticulous preparation and timely shipment of products to Amazon FBA warehouses.
Entrust us with:

  • Receiving and storage of goods
  • Quality Control
  • FNSKU labeling
  • Picking and repacking
  • Shipment or transit to the Amazon warehouse
  • Processing of returns and removals

Our FBA Prep Center in Las Vegas is located near major Amazon warehouses, ensuring fast delivery of products.

FBA Prep center services

All Your Sales Channels in Reliable Hands

Our fulfillment center in Las Vegas uses Ysell.pro software, which integrates with leading marketplaces and shopping carts. Automatic order uploading, inventory information transfer, and data exchange with marketplaces enhance order fulfillment efficiency.