3PL Warehouse in Wausau, Wisconsin: Efficient order fulfillment services

Looking to improve order fulfillment processes and increase customer satisfaction? Our Wisconsin 3PL warehouse offers a full range of fulfillment as well as FBA prep services. Achieve remarkable ecommerce results with Fulfillment-Box

Streamline order fulfillment with 3PL warehouse in Wisconsin

Efficient inventory management, accurate picking and packing, and on-time delivery are essential to successful order fulfillment. Working with a reliable fulfillment service provider in Wisconsin allows you to focus on growing your brand. With our fulfillment center in Wausau, you can benefit from:

– Fast delivery. Our Wisconsin warehouse is only a three-hour drive from Amazon’s warehouse, ensuring fast delivery via logistics services within 2-3 days.
– Convenient location. Proximity to Highway North 51 and major interstate routes contributes to efficient logistics.
– Advanced infrastructure. The warehouse area is designed with the specifics of freight vehicles in mind. The loading and unloading zones are separated on two levels. The surrounding area provides free access to both, making maneuvering easy.
– Optimal storage conditions. The presence of heating and air conditioning in the warehouse allows us to safely store various types of products, ensuring their integrity.

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3PL Fulfillment Warehouse and FBA Prep Center in Wisconsin

Why choose Fulfillment-Box?

Full transparency of all processes

Support for multi-channel sales

Individual chat support

Working with Amazon FBA, FBM and SFP

Comprehensive fulfillment services in Wausau

Take advantage of our Wisconsin fulfillment center services. Experience professional order fulfillment. We offer flexible solutions for all stages of order processing, from receiving goods in the warehouse to shipping to customers and handling returns. Learn more about our services:

FBA Prep center services for Amazon Sellers

With years of experience, the Fulfillment-Box team manages the processing and shipping of products in strict compliance with Amazon FBA requirements. With our comprehensive FBA solution, you can realize your potential without having to regularly monitor Amazon’s changing requirements. Our Prep center services in Wisconsin include:

  • Receiving and storage of goods
  • Quality Control
  • FNSKU labeling
  • Picking and repacking
  • Shipment or transit to the Amazon warehouse
  • Processing of returns and removals
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Transparent Integration with Ecommerce Platforms

At the Fulfillment-Box 3PL warehouse in Wausau, Wisconsin, we use the innovative Ysell.pro software for seamless integration with leading ecommerce platforms. This allows us to automate and optimize warehouse processes and ensure smooth data exchange with order fulfillment platforms.

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Fulfillment-Box in Wisconsin


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119 Scott Street, Wausau, WI 54403

Warehouse area:

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6000 f³

Work hours:

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Monday - Friday
From 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM (GMT -6)

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