3PL warehouse in Indianapolis, Indiana: comprehensive services for reliable order fulfillment

Fulfillment-Box is a reliable provider of 3PL and fulfillment services for ecommerce in Indiana. Our warehouse in Indianapolis will take care of your goods and handle key logistics tasks:

  • Storage of goods
  • Order fulfillment
  • Preparation for Amazon FBA
  • Processing returns

For new warehouse clients, there is a 30% discount on all services, except storage and transportation. Place your products in our 3PL warehouse in Indianapolis by 05/31/24 and enjoy the benefits for the first 6 months of working with our Prep center. If the amount spent on services during this period exceeds $5000, you will receive an additional 10% of the amount spent credited to your balance, which can be used the following month.

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FBM fulfillment and FBA preparation

3PL warehouse in Indianapolis for efficient order fulfillment

Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, this 3PL warehouse is ideal for fulfilling orders on the East Coast and nationally. Working with our warehouse offers several benefits:

– Convenient location: Our warehouse is located near the region’s main highway, providing quick access to the nation’s major transportation routes. This advantageous location is the key to fast delivery of your orders throughout the country.

– Optimal conditions: The warehouse is equipped with a heating system that ensures the safety of your goods in all climatic conditions. Our storage system guarantees quick retrieval of items from the warehouse and accurate order fulfillment.

– Efficient storage: We offer flexibility in handling and storing goods of various sizes. With 10,000 square feet of warehouse space, we can efficiently manage large volumes of goods and accommodate trucks of all sizes.

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Fulfillment-Box warehouse in Indianapolis

Optimize order fulfillment with Fulfillment-Box

Our company offers a full range of order fulfillment services in Indianapolis, Indiana. We guarantee fast and accurate order picking with customization options, prompt shipping, and efficient returns processing. Learn more about our services:

Sell through Amazon FBA with Prep Center in Indiana

The FBA program offers great opportunities to grow your business. However, strict packaging and labeling requirements can present challenges.
Our Prep center in Indiana provides a comprehensive solution for processing and shipping goods to the Amazon FBA warehouse. We make it easier to achieve consistent sales by reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties. Our services include:

  • Receiving and storage of goods
  • Quality Control
  • FNSKU labeling
  • Picking and repacking
  • Shipment or transit to the Amazon warehouse
  • Processing of returns and removals
FBA Prep center services

Multi-channel sales solution

The Fulfillment-Box warehouse in Indianapolis uses Ysell.pro software, which ensures seamless integration with leading ecommerce platforms. Automation and optimization of the warehouse processes ensure a continuous exchange of data between the warehouse and the platforms where your orders originate.