Storage and Warehousing Services for Ecommerce

Reliable. Technological. Global.

Fulfillment-Box company – your partner for warehousing and distribution of products in ecommerce. We specialize in storing your inventory in modern fulfillment warehouses and ensure flawless logistics operations.

  • Repackaging and consolidation services
  • Storage services for order fulfillment
  • Payment only for the used space
  • Insured warehouses with video surveillance
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Focus on Growth, We'll Handle Storage

Don’t let haphazard storage slow you down. Strategic warehousing minimizes order processing times and prevents inventory shrinkage. However, managing it yourself requires expertise and resources.

Fulfillment-Box, a leading ecommerce warehousing solution in Europe and America, offers a smarter alternative. With 15+ years of experience, we optimize warehouse operations for peak efficiency, so you can dedicate your resources to growth.

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Ecommerce Warehousing Services

Benefits of Our Ecommerce Warehousing Solutions

warehouse icon

Widespread warehouse network for global product distribution

Be where your customer is. Distribute inventory across fulfillment warehouses to optimize speed and cost of delivery. Gradually scale your business and enter new lucrative markets.

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Cutting-edge inventory management software

Track inventory and manage stock in real-time, anywhere you go. Integrate your online stores to always display the current stock levels.

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Customer-centric approach for premium service

We are not just another fulfillment warehouse. Our goal is to meet the needs of your business. That’s why we tailor our offering to your individual requirements.

Choose Your Warehouse

All Fulfillment-Box warehouses are strategically located for ecommerce, situated close to key transportation hubs, ports, airports, and Amazon fulfillment centers. Don’t see a warehouse in your desired country or city? Write to us; we might already have plans to open one there.

EU flag

Warehouses within the EU territory

Warehouses in Germany, Poland, Austria, and Spain are utilized for quick order fulfillment within the EU territory and shipping goods to Amazon warehouses. International shipping is possible from the warehouse in Germany.

Storage and warehousing in Europe
United Kingdom flag

Warehouse in the United Kingdom

Fulfillment warehouses in the United Kingdom are suitable if you are targeting the local market. They will also help navigate the consequences of Brexit to expand your presence in Europe to the UK.

Storage in the United Kingdom

Warehouses in the United States

USA warehouses will allow you to carve out your niche in the world’s second-largest ecommerce market. Evenly distributed warehouses across regions will enable fast delivery to any corner of the USA.

Storage in the United States
Canada flag

Warehouse in Canada

Our fulfillment warehouse in Canada will also be a great fit if you sell on local marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, etc.) or operate your own ecommerce business within Canada.

Storage in Canada
China flag

Warehouse in China

A warehouse in China will allow you to better control the supply chain – inspect suppliers and goods to ensure their quality and reliability, store and ship goods to Europe or America.

Storage in China

Warehouse in Turkey

A warehouse in Turkey is suitable for local companies or sellers planning to enter the Turkish ecommerce market (for example, start selling on

Storage in Turkey
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Need advice on choosing a fulfillment warehouse? Contact us

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Feel Safety and Confidence

All Fulfillment-Box warehouses are securely protected from break-ins and insured. We are ready to vouch for the safety of your inventory and document it in the contract.

In addition, our warehouses have video surveillance at the picking point. This allows us to resolve issues related to shipped orders or shipments without unnecessary stress.

Secure warehouse

Say Goodbye to Inventory in Spreadsheets and Manual Work

All Fulfillment-Box warehouses are equipped with the advanced WMS system You can track inventory levels in real-time and replenish them promptly.

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IMS for full inventory control

Full inventory control
Receive information about the overall stock level of the product and its remaining quantity in each warehouse. Easily track stock for sets and bundles, as well as used goods.

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One account for everything
No matter how many our fulfillment warehouses you use and how many companies you manage. The system allows flexible configuration of stock distribution across sales channels, warehouses, and companies

Serial number

Serial number tracking
Improve tracking of goods movement with tracking of unique serial numbers. We will pick, pack, and ship the exact configuration of the product that is needed

Product expiry date tracking

Expiry date tracking
You can easily monitor the expiration dates of goods. Along with the serialization of your inventory this helps ensure that products from earlier batches do not linger in the warehouse

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is the warehousing and storage process going at your fulfillment warehouses?

    Once a shipment arrives at the fulfillment warehouse, each item undergoes scanning and is entered into the system. You can track the status of the shipment in your customer account. After the products are recorded in the warehouse, they are securely stored until an order is placed or until you initiate their further shipment.

    How is the inventory level controlled after the goods are received at the warehouse?

    The inventory level is automatically controlled. The system deducts items if they have been shipped and adds new arrivals or returns (applies only to new items).

    How can I track used goods?

    For each used item, you can assign a unique identifier. These items will be tracked separately from new ones.

    Can I use your fulfillment warehouses for transit?

    Yes. Please contact our managers to discuss all the details.

    How does your ecommerce warehousing and storage solution differ from others?

    In short:
    1. A global network of fulfillment centers that is continually expanding.
    2. Maximum process automation while maintaining full control on your end.
    3. Individualized chat with technical support for instant issue resolution.

    Fulfillment-Box aims to be a partner for your business, not just another warehousing service provider.