Warehousing and storage services

Ecommerce fulfillment warehouses in Germany, Poland, Spain, Austria, Great Britain, Turkey, Canada and the USA

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Why choose 3PL warehousing services of Fulfillment-Box company?

  • A wide network of warehouses around the world.
  • Pay for actually used space only.
  • Automated inventory control.
  • Management of all warehouses and companies by the same account.
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Our centers in Europe, Turkey, Canada and the USA for safe warehousing and quick order fulfillment

EU flag
Warehouses in the EU

The warehouses in Germany, Poland, Austria or Spain serve for a quick order fulfillment in the EU. They are perfect for those who sell on European marketplaces, like Amazon, Ebay, Allegro and others.

Germany flag
Warehouse in Germany

Apart from local deliveries, the German warehouse offers international deliveries with DHL service. This allows us to offer more beneficial tariffs for worldwide delivery.

Canada flag
Warehouse in Canada

The warehouse in Canada is also perfect for sellers who are present on the local marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay and others, or business owners who have their business in Canada.

United Kingdom flag
Warehouse in Great Britain

Warehousing in Great Britain makes it possible to manage all consequences of the Brexit. The business owner does not have to give up the marketplaces in this country.

Warehouse in Turkey

A subsidiary in Turkey is suitable for local companies or sellers who plan to enter the Turkish e-commerce market
(for example, to start selling on amazon.com.tr).

Warehouse in the USA

The fulfillment center in the U.S. allows sellers to carve a niche for themselves in the world’s second largest e-commerce market. Ideal for business owners on Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.

Ysell.pro software for process automation

After receipt, all goods are entered into the system and you will be able to track the inventory in real time and to replenish it immediately. Furthermore, there are a number of additional functions for controlling the warehouse balances.

Ysell logo

The balances of each warehouse are displayed. Not only can you monitor the total quantity of each goods but even its inventory level in each country.

It is irrelevant how many Fulfillment-Box warehouses you use. In order to take control you will only need one Ysell account.

It is irrelevant how many companies you have. You will only need one Ysell account for the management.

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