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Order fulfillment services in Canada from a 3PL operator Fulfillment-Box

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3PL fulfillment center in Canada for ecommerce order fulfillment

The market of Canada features a high level of ecommerce penetration, which makes it especially attractive for online stores. Entering a market of another country is always associated with high expenditures. In the case of Canada there is also the location which makes the market access difficult. A cooperation with a local fulfillment center will allow to handle the most problems concerning the storage of goods and gives access to the already established system of order fulfillment.

Fulfillment-Box official representative in Canada:


The Fulfillment-Box warehouse in Canada is located at the following address:

1035 Pantera Drive, Mississauga,
ON postal code: L4W2X4

Warehouse opening times:

Monday – Friday
From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (GMT-4)

Our office building and warehouse

Professional third party logistics in Canada

Fulfillment-Box is an international fulfillment company with a warehouse in Canada. The services will suit the startups, online stores, the sellers on marketplaces and entrepreneurs who have several sales channels.

Fulfillment center in Canada provides following services:

  • storage
  • pick and pack (we can use your packaging and inserts)
  • order shipment (orders at the Canadian warehouse will be shipped the day after they have been entered into the system)
  • Prep centre services
  • returns processing and disposal

Besides the standard logistics services we can also provide additional services upon request. Having more than 10 years of experience in ecommerce, we can help you to handle many issues.

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