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Canadian order fulfillment and prep center services for ecommerce

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3PL warehouse in Canada

The Canadian market is characterized by high e-commerce penetration. The market leader, as expected, is amazon.ca. This opens up great opportunities for entrepreneurs. The ideal solution for business would be to cooperate with Canadian order fulfillment center or an FBA prep center. A reliable 3PL warehouse in Canada will take care of all warehousing and logistics issues and allow you to focus solely on brand promotion.

Fulfillment-Box is an international order fulfillment and FBA prep center with a warehouse in Canada. We specialize in delivery to both the end consumer and Amazon warehouse.

The Fulfillment-Box 3PL warehouse in Canada is located at:

Warehouse hours:

Monday – Friday
From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (GMT-4)

Canadian 3PL Fulfillment Center Fulfillment-Box

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Professional fulfillment services in Canada

Our Canadian fulfillment center has a logistically advantageous location in Mississauga (near Toronto). We provide a full range of 3PL services for ecommerce. We have no limit on the number of orders per month, so the services are suitable for any size business – startup, small, medium or large business.

Warehousing. We accept and store goods in a warehouse in Canada (on racks and pallets). We have no penalties for long-term storage.
Order fulfillment. We provide order picking, packing and shipping services. We can use your packaging materials and add liners to parcels.
Returns processing. We accept and process customer returns and removers from Amazon. We add verified items to inventory or recycle them.
FBA Prep Center. We prepare items for shipment to the Amazon warehouse in Canada (label, repack or ship in transit).
Services upon request. We have over 10 years of experience in e-commerce, so we advise and help with a variety of issues, as well as providing customized services.

Our office building and warehouse

Advantages of our Canadian fulfillment center

Fast and precise processes thanks to maximum automation

Full transparency and control of processes for the client

Functionality for multi-channel order and inventory management

Multilingual technical support for consultations and prompt solution of issues

Our logistics partners in Canada

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