Reliable Freight Services for Europe-USA Shipments

Do you need to ship freight from Europe to the USA or from the USA to Europe? Regardless of the size or type of shipment, we guarantee fast and reliable delivery.

We specialize in comprehensive freight forwarding services, offering various delivery options:

  • LCL and FCL ocean freight
  • Air freight
  • Express delivery
  • DDU/DDP, Door to Door, Port to Port, Port to Door
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Freight Shipping Between the US and Europe with Fulfillment-Box

When choosing a freight forwarder for shipping between the US and Europe, experience plays a key role. Fulfillment-Box entered the ecommerce market over 10 years ago. During this time, our specialists have gained extensive knowledge in all aspects of logistics. We design optimal routes from Europe to the USA and from the USA to Europe, taking into account the destination, timing, weight, and dimensions of your freight. From small parcels to entire containers, we organize the transportation.

However, Fulfillment-Box offers much more than just freight forwarding. By integrating logistics and fulfillment, we provide a comprehensive solution for online sellers. After transporting your goods, you can store them in our network of fulfillment centers both in the USA and Europe. We don’t just deliver your freight — we make the supply and distribution process efficient and convenient for you.

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Freight Shipping Methods Between the US and Europe

Sea freight from China to the USA

Ocean freight LCL and FCL

Reliable and affordable freight shipping: port to port, door to door, and port to door. Delivery to ports in the USA and European countries including Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain. Delivery takes 35-50 days.

Air freight from China to the USA

Air freight

A fast way of freight shipping of goods between the US and Europe within 10 days on average. Partnerships with reputable airlines ensure high reliability and security.

Express shipping from China to the USA

Express delivery

The fastest shipping option within 1-5 days using international courier services like UPS, DHL, and FedEx. The all-inclusive system covers logistics, customs clearance, and delivery.

Door-to-door shipping (DDP/DDU)

Door to door delivery (DDP/DDU)

A hassle-free option. We use intermodal shipping to deliver goods deep into the USA or Europe. With DDP, we handle all customs formalities and expenses. With DDU, you handle customs clearance and duties, while we take care of customs processing and transportation.

Fulfillment-Box warehouse

Delivery to Fulfillment-Box warehouses

Delivery to our 3PL warehouses in the USA and Europe is one of our key advantages. We fulfill your orders and prepare goods for shipment to Amazon FBA warehouses. Focus on growing your business.

Amazon FBA Warehouse

Delivery to Amazon warehouses

DDP delivery to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) warehouses in the USA and Europe by sea and air. Complete export and import customs clearance, payment of duties and taxes. Door-to-door freight delivery.

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Why Fulfillment-Box Is a Reliable Freight Forwarder?

значок отгрузки
Personalized approach

With extensive experience in ecommerce, we understand all the logistics nuances from the forwarder’s perspective and the client’s requirements. We can precisely choose the most optimal route for transporting your goods.

значок обслуживания клиентов
High-quality support

Our support team is available five days a week through a dedicated chat to promptly address any of your questions. Our managers respond within 20 minutes during business hours and are ready to communicate in your preferred language—English, German, Russian, or Ukrainian.

значок контрольного списка
Comprehensive solution

Our services cover nearly every stage of the supply chain, including order fulfillment and returns processing. We strive to be your primary logistics partner who can meet all your needs. Our comprehensive solution allows you to focus on growing your business while we handle all other logistics aspects, ensuring you maximum comfort and confidence in the results.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Freight Shipping Between the US and Europe

    How much does freight shipping between the USA and Europe cost?

    Estimated shipping costs between the USA and Europe:
    ● LCL ocean freight: $200-250 per cubic meter
    ● FCL ocean freight (20-foot container): approximately $2500 to $3250
    ● FCL ocean freight (40-foot container): approximately $3400 to $4000
    ● Air freight: $4-7 per kilogram
    ● Express delivery: $6-9 per kilogram

    What is the delivery time for goods between the USA and Europe?

    The delivery time depends on the transportation method:
    ● Ocean freight: 35-50 days
    ● Air freight: average of 10 days
    ● Express delivery: 1 to 5 days

    How can I ship freight between the USA and Europe the fastest?

    The fastest way to ship freight between the USA and Europe is through express delivery with international courier services (UPS, FedEx, DHL). This method typically takes only 1-5 days.

    What is the cheapest shipping method for cargo between the USA and Europe?

    Сonsidered the most economical option for transporting cargo between Europe and the USA is sea freight. However, the shipping cost may vary depending on various factors such as seasonality, route, cargo volume, etc. To determine the most cost-effective option for your specific cargo, consult our specialists for guidance.

    Which method of freight transport between the USA and Europe is the best choice?

    There’s no one-size-fits-all solution; it depends on specific needs and circumstances. Consider the following when choosing how to ship your freight between the US and Europe:
    – Nature of the cargo (size, fragility, perishability).
    – Points of origin and destination (available routes).
    – Timeframe within which you’re willing to wait for the cargo.

    What documents are required for shipping cargo from Europe to the USA or from the USA to Europe?

    – Commercial invoice
    – Packing list
    – Bill of lading
    – Air waybill (if using air freight)
    – Import declaration

    Freight Shipping Between the US and Europe: A Comprehensive Guide

    Transporting freight between the USA and Europe is no easy feat. Safely and efficiently moving goods requires choosing the optimal method of delivery and understanding the intricacies of transatlantic transportation. It’s also crucial to be aware of and adhere to all relevant international rules and regulations to avoid delays and additional expenses.

    Below, we’ll help you navigate the key nuances that need to be considered when importing goods between the USA and Europe.

    Freight shipping between USA and Europe

    Shipping options between the USA and Europe

    For international freight shipping between the USA and Europe, several options are available: ocean freight, air freight, and express delivery. Each of these methods has its advantages and specific characteristics. The optimal choice depends on your specific delivery needs. Let’s take a closer look at each of these options.

    Sea freight from China

    Ocean freight between the USA and Europe

    Ocean freight between the USA and Europe plays a key role in global trade, providing economical transportation of large volumes of cargo. Maritime vessels are capable of transporting large volumes of goods in a single voyage, with virtually no restrictions on their type and size.

    When to choose ocean freight:
    1) You need to deliver cargo weighing over 300 kg;
    2) You need to ship goods prohibited for air transport;
    3) Delivery time is not critical for you;
    4) You need to deliver cargo of non-standard size.

    FCL and LCL shipping

    Container shipping from Europe to the USA and from the USA to Europe is carried out on 20-foot and 40-foot vessels and is divided into two main types: FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than Container Load):

    FCL (Full Container Load): Using a whole container solely for your cargo helps avoid contact with other goods, increasing the safety and reliability of transportation. It’s the optimal choice for large shipments exceeding 15 cubic meters in volume.

    LCL (Less than Container Load): This method involves consolidating your cargo with goods from other shippers to fill one container. LCL is ideal for small batches of goods that don’t fill a full container. It’s typically used for shipments up to 15 cubic meters, offering an economical solution for small consignments.

    The choice between FCL and LCL depends on the volume and specifics of your cargo. FCL provides greater reliability and shorter delivery times but can be expensive for small shipments. LCL offers a cost-effective solution for small batches of goods but requires more processing time and carries additional risks of damage.

    Therefore, when choosing a shipping method, it’s important to consider the volume, value, and urgency of your cargo to optimally balance cost and efficiency.

    Reach out to the specialists at Fulfillment-Box for personalized recommendations on shipping your cargo.

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    Major sea ports in the USA

    Port of Los Angeles, California
    Port of Long Beach, California
    Port of New York and New Jersey
    Port of Houston, Texas

    Major sea ports in Europe

    Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands
    Port of Antwerp, Belgium
    Port of Hamburg, Germany
    Port of Valencia, Spain

    Sea routes for freight shipping between the USA and Europe

    There are several main sea routes used for freight shipping:

    Northern Route: This route passes through the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, connecting ports in the USA with ports in northern Europe, such as Rotterdam and Hamburg.

    Southern Route: This route involves traveling across the Atlantic Ocean south of Africa and then along the western coast of Europe. It is often used for shipping goods from the west coast of the USA to southern ports in Europe.

    Transatlantic Route: This route stretches across the Atlantic Ocean from the east coast of the USA to ports in the UK, France, Germany, and other countries in western Europe.

    The choice of route depends on the US coast from or to which the shipment will be made and the destination country in Europe, directly affecting sea delivery times.

    Air freight between the USA and Europe

    Air freight is the fastest way to ship goods between the USA and Europe. This method is suitable for urgent shipments but is more expensive than sea freight and has weight and type restrictions. Your goods must meet international safety standards to be accepted for air transport.

    When to choose air freight:
    1) You need to receive the goods within a few days.
    2) Your goods are perishable.
    3) Your shipment is valuable or fragile.
    4) Your shipment weighs no more than 500 kg.

    Air freight from China
    Air freight delivery times

    Air freight usually takes an average of 10 days. Delivery time is significantly influenced by the route and conditions.

    Airports for shipping between the USA and Europe

    Airports in the USA:
    (ATL) Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport – Atlanta, Georgia
    (LAX) Los Angeles Airport – Los Angeles, California
    (ORD) O’Hare Airport – Chicago, Illinois
    (DFW) Dallas/Fort Worth Airport – Dallas, Texas
    (DEN) Denver Airport – Denver, Colorado
    (JFK) John F. Kennedy Airport – New York, New York

    Airports in Europe:
    Charles de Gaulle Airport – France
    Schiphol Airport – Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Frankfurt Airport – Germany
    Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport – Spain
    Barcelona El Prat Airport – Spain
    Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport – Rome, Italy

    Cost of air freight between the USA and Europe

    The price depends on many factors: the airline, distance between airports, season, demand, and delivery times. For example, during holidays and peak season, shipping can be significantly more expensive.

    Express shipping from China

    Express delivery between the USA and Europe

    Express delivery is the best option if you need to receive your cargo in the shortest possible time, as the transportation process takes only 1 to 5 days. This method is also ideal for sending small parcels and shipments.

    Express delivery is handled by international courier services DHL, UPS, and FedEx on a D2D (door-to-door) basis. The delivery service takes care of the entire process, including document preparation, customs clearance, logistics, and delivery to the destination, leaving you only to receive the cargo.

    This high level of convenience, however, is reflected in the price. On average, the delivery cost is around $8 per kilogram.

    When to choose express delivery:

    1) Your goods are perishable;
    2) You need to receive the cargo as soon as possible;
    3) You need to transport a small volume of goods.

    D2D, DDP/DDU shipping

    Different shipping methods and customs procedures can determine the options for delivering goods.

    Door to door, port to port, door to port, etc.

    Door-to-Door (D2D) shipping between the USA and Europe is a convenient delivery method. It covers all stages of logistics – from picking up goods at the point of origin to delivering them to the destination. This option is especially convenient for customers as it avoids organizational complexities and ensures transparency in all stages of delivery.

    We use intermodal shipping to send goods deep into the USA or Europe. Intermodal shipping involves using multiple modes of transport (sea, rail, road, and air) to achieve the shortest delivery times. This allows us to plan routes flexibly and minimize costs, which is especially important when delivering to remote or hard-to-reach areas.

    In addition to the full logistics cycle, there are other delivery options: port to port, port to door, and door to port. For air delivery, there are options like airport to airport, airport to door, and door to airport. These options involve different levels of responsibility for both the sender and the recipient and may be more preferable depending on the specific delivery conditions and customer needs.

    DDP and DDU delivery

    DDP and DDU are two key forms of delivery terms. They establish who is responsible for paying customs duties and taxes when delivering goods.

    DDP (Delivery Duty Paid): The sender bears all expenses, including customs duties and taxes, related to the delivery of goods. This option is particularly attractive to customers as it provides them with full transparency and predictability of the delivery cost.

    DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid)/DAP (Duties At Place): The recipient is responsible for paying all customs duties and taxes upon receiving the goods. This option may be more economical for the sender, but it involves additional expenses and administrative procedures for the recipient.

    The choice between DDP and DDU/DAP depends on the agreement between the shipper and the customer. Understanding the terms helps to determine who bears the financial obligations during customs clearance and delivery of goods.

    How much does shipping between the USA and Europe cost?

    The calculation of shipping costs in any direction is determined by various factors, including loading and unloading expenses, document processing, customs duties, and other fees. Tariffs constantly fluctuate depending on seasonality, fuel prices, competition among carriers, and even the political situation (such as the impact of crises and pandemics).

    Therefore, specifying the exact cost in advance may be difficult. To find out how much shipping will cost specifically for you, you need to provide our specialists with basic information about your cargo and the delivery destination (indicating the places of origin and destination)

    Speaking of average shipping costs by delivery type, the figures are as follows:
    Sea LCL shipping – $200-250 per cubic meter
    Sea FCL shipping (20-foot container) – approximately $2500 to $3250
    Sea FCL shipping (40-foot container) – approximately $3400 to $4000
    Air freight – $4-7 per kilogram
    Express delivery – $6-9 per kilogram

    Request a personalized cost calculation for your cargo from our specialists

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    Customs clearance between the USA and Europe

    When importing into the USA, it’s important to understand that customs clearance is mandatory. Customs clearance in the USA is carried out by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the primary border control organization.

    In Europe, customs procedures are controlled by the European Commission.

    Required documents for customs clearance:

    Commercial invoice
    Packing list
    Bill of lading
    Air waybill (for air freight)
    Import declaration

    Customs duties

    The amount of customs duty for imports into the USA and Europe is determined by several factors. This includes the type of imported goods, the country of origin, and the value of the finished product.

    For the United States, customs duties can be found in the U.S. tariff system, known as the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS).
    The average customs tariff in the USA is 3.4%, which is one of the lowest rates in the world. Tariffs usually depend on the country of origin of the goods.

    For Europe, duty rates can be checked in tariff systems such as TARIC, which is the integrated tariff of the European Communities and is applied in the destination member state of the EU.

    In Europe, the situation is different. In addition to customs duties, a value-added tax (VAT) must be paid, which varies from 17% to 27% depending on the country. There are also other taxes, such as excise duties, which are indirect taxes on the consumption or use of certain goods (e.g., alcoholic beverages, mineral oils, and tobacco products).

    Restrictions and prohibitions for import

    Restrictions and prohibitions for import into the USA and Europe

    For imports into the USA, restrictions apply to the following types of goods:
    Controlled substances
    Weapons and firearms
    Counterfeit goods
    Wildlife products and endangered species
    Cultural artifacts

    Prohibited items for import into the USA include
    Illegal drugs
    Hazardous materials
    Cuban cigars and rum
    Certain goods from specific countries

    For imports into Europe, restrictions apply to:
    Pharmaceuticals and medications
    Food and agricultural products
    Tobacco products
    Alcohol and alcoholic beverages
    Medicinal plants and herbs
    Endangered species and wildlife

    Prohibited items for import into Europe include:
    Illegal drugs and narcotics
    Counterfeit goods
    Firearms and weapons
    Hazardous waste
    Cultural and historical artifacts
    Stolen or unlawfully obtained goods

    How long does delivery between the USA and Europe take?

    Delivery times between the USA and Europe depend on several factors, including the chosen shipping method, specific route, departure and arrival coast, as well as the country in Europe. Depending on these conditions, delivery can take different amounts of time:

    Sea freight takes the longest time. Typically, it ranges from 35 to 50 days. This is the most prolonged delivery method, and the transit time heavily depends on the points of departure and destination.

    Air freight represents a faster mode of transportation, taking approximately 10 days. It’s the optimal choice for urgent shipments, although it’s more expensive compared to maritime shipping.

    Express delivery guarantees the shortest timelines, taking only 1 to 5 days. This method justifies its name and is suitable for very urgent and small shipments.

    All the mentioned timelines are approximate and can vary depending on seasonality, current workload, distance, type, and weight of the cargo. For more accurate information, we recommend contacting our specialists.

    Freight shipping time

    Which shipping method between the USA and Europe is the best?

    There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of choosing a shipping method, otherwise, there wouldn’t be various transportation methods. It all depends solely on your needs and possibilities.

    To choose the optimal shipping method between the USA and Europe, you should consider the following factors:
    1) What exactly you are shipping (dimensions of the cargo, fragility, shelf life).
    2) Where you are shipping from and to (available delivery routes).
    3) When you need to receive the cargo (how much time you are willing to wait).

    If you have a very large volume of cargo, no strict deadlines, and you want to save money, then maritime shipping will be the best option.
    If you need to receive the goods faster, and they are suitable for air freight, then choosing this method is worth it.
    If you need to receive the cargo in the shortest possible time, then choose express delivery.

    Get a quote from a professional freight forwarder between the USA and Europe, such as Fulfillment-Box. Our specialists will help you choose the optimal delivery option.

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    How to ship goods directly to an Amazon FBA warehouse in the USA or Europe

    Shipping goods to an Amazon FBA warehouse in the USA or Europe requires careful planning and adherence to many requirements. Direct shipping can significantly reduce your costs, but it also carries certain risks.

    Amazon FBA has strict requirements for the quality, packaging, and labeling of products. If the shipped goods do not meet these requirements, Amazon may refuse to accept them or charge additional fees for processing.

    To minimize the risks associated with non-compliance, it is recommended to use the services of an intermediary or freight forwarder. They can help organize the delivery process to an Amazon FBA warehouse in the USA or Europe, ensuring that all necessary conditions are met.

    The Fulfillment-Box Prep Center network is represented in many countries in Europe and states in the USA. When transporting goods between the USA and Europe, we can deliver your products directly to our warehouse. Our Prep Centers provide comprehensive inspection and compliance checks to meet Amazon’s standards for quality, packaging, and labeling. With our Prep Centers, you can be confident that your products will be accepted at the warehouse without issues or additional costs.

    Alternatively, you can contact any local Prep Center to prepare your goods for shipment to an FBA warehouse.

    For delivery, it is best to choose the Door to Door DDP method (delivery “door to door” with duties and taxes paid by the sender). This method helps avoid issues with receiving the cargo at the Amazon warehouse and ensures a smoother delivery process.

    Freight forwarding services for shipping between the USA and Europe

    Transatlantic shipping is a complex process that requires careful attention. While you can manage all the details and organize the shipping yourself, finding a professional freight forwarder might be a more effective and straightforward option.

    Logistics involves numerous nuances that even the most comprehensive article or guide won’t cover. However, an experienced freight forwarder specializing in shipping between the USA and Europe will be aware of these nuances and help resolve any potential issues, saving you time and avoiding unnecessary hassle.

    Your main task is to choose the right partner. Here are a few tips on what to look for when selecting a freight forwarder:
    1) Communication: It’s crucial that your freight forwarder is always available for communication and ready to answer any questions or address any issues you may have.
    2) Pricing: Compare quotes from several freight forwarders to choose the most cost-effective option.
    3) Trust: Review company feedback and assess the level of trust they inspire in you.

    Entrust our Fulfillment-Box team with your shipments between the USA and Europe. We are ready to offer you a personalized solution and ensure quality execution of all shipping stages.