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WEEE Number for Amazon Sellers: What is it and why is it important?

As an Amazon seller, you must ensure that you comply with all applicable policies and laws when selling goods in the EU. One of the most important requirements is to register for a WEEE number.

WEEE means Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and is an EU directive that ensures environmentally friendly disposal of said equipment. The WEEE number is a registration number assigned by a German trust called “EAR”. It proves that a manufacturer, importer or distributor of electrical and electronic equipment is listed in the relevant register.

If you sell electrical or electronic equipment in Germany you have to be registered with the trust EAR and obtain a WEEE number. This number must appear on your website and in your product description. You also have to provide to on various marketplaces such as Amazon in order to be allowed to sell electronical or electric items at all. It shows your customers and the regional authorities that you have fulfilled the registration obligation and take responsibility for the proper disposal of electrical and electronic waste.

Why is the WEEE number so important?

Registering and using a WEEE number is not only a legal requirement, but also a significant contribution towards better environmental protection. Waste electrical and electronic equipment contains hazardous materials such as lead, mercury and cadmium, which can affect the environment if not properly disposed of. By registering and correctly labeling your products with a WEEE number, you make an important contribution to environmental conservation and manifest that you act as an environmentally friendly and responsible seller.

If you sell electrical and electronic equipment through Amazon in the EU, it is important that you understand the requirements and obligations of the WEEE number. Make sure you register and label your products correctly in time to avoid potential fines and make an important contribution to environmental protection. Please keep in mind that as of 11/09/2023 so far only Germany and not all marketplaces enforce this rule so you might be physically able to sell your items in other EU and non-EU countries but hereby you might infringe laws and regulations that are associated with EEE regulations.

More info from Amazon:

For your information: The WEEE number is required by Amazon Germany when offering products from the electrical and electronic equipment category regardless of whether they are active or passive electronics.
Experience has shown that Amazon often does not properly categorize various products and might demand a wrong or unneccesary category to be registered due to WEEE regulations. Even if Amazon is factually wrong it is necessary to obtain whatever they demand in order to sell those items as discussions with Amazon sadly lead nowhere.
Since 07/31/23 all products in these categories will be blocked unless a valid number is provided.
Products must also be properly labeled to meet the requirements. Experience has shown that many manufacturers do not provide sufficient documentation and labeling or the number if they offer products from China for example. As the first distributor the seller automatically becomes the manufacturer by law and is therefore responsible for these aspects himself.

Process of interaction for this service

  1. Submit an application. You have to fill out the form on our website.
  2. Evaluation of the data and first consultation between our support specialist and you.
  3. Starting the registration procedure for obtaining the WEEE number (pre-payment of the service by the customer/applicant is required).
  4. Procedure for obtaining the WEEE number (continuous communication with the client or applicant).
  5. Receipt and subsequent forwarding of the WEEE number to the client or applicant (the client/applicant must have paid for the service in full).
  6. The client/applicant receives an invoice for the support and liability for the manufacturer as the responsible person in the spirit of the EEG.

Cost of the service:

€1100 for registration + € 100 – X € for filing with the local district court to protect the products even if the manufacturer goes bankrupt. The amount that is deposited with the disctrict court depends on the amount of products sold per year.

Furthermore, € 600 annually in the following year for the support and liability for the manufacturer as the responsible person responsible within the meaning of the EEG.


The registration process currently takes around 12 weeks.

Fill out the form so we can start the WEEE number registration process



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