Amazon FBA Prep Center

Preparation. Packaging. Shipment.

A simple solution for a complex FBA program

With our comprehensive Amazon FBA preparation services, all you have to do is sell on Amazon. We’ll take care of everything else.

  • No restrictions on inventory volume and number of shipments
  • Wide network of warehouses
  • Convenient software for managing processes
  • Many own years of experience with FBA as a seller
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FBA Prep Center That Is Always by Your Side

Fulfillment-Box warehouses are perfect for FBA preparation. No exaggerations, just facts:

1) We scale our network based on Amazon’s presence in different countries. Therefore, our FBA Prep Centers are located in all key locations – in Europe, the US, and Canada.

2) All our Prep centers are situated near Amazon FBA warehouses and important transportation hubs to ensure quick shipments.

3) In our warehouse in China, we can inspect suppliers, prepare products, and send shipments directly to FBA warehouses.

Worldwide prep centers network for fba preparation

What We Do for Your Business

cardboard boxes with red duct tape


We store goods in insured warehouses until they need to be prepared and shipped. Storage on shelves and pallets is available to you.

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Quality control

We inspect each item upon receipt and before shipping to ensure it meets Amazon's quality requirements.



We correctly label products for their identification in the Amazon FBA warehouse.

Fulfillment-Box truck

Pack and ship

We prepare, pack, and ship the products to the Amazon FBA warehouse. Each shipment receives a tracking number.

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Transit shipments

We forward goods to the Amazon FBA warehouse without additional preparation.

Returns processing

Returns processing

We accept returns, inspect, repack, and re-label the items.

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Provide Individual Assistance

The Amazon FBA program has many pitfalls, and sometimes you may need assistance beyond the regular services of a 3PL Prep Center.

The Fulfillment-Box team is ready to work with your individual requests and provide value-added services. We understand that your success is also our success. Therefore, we will do everything to ensure the confident development of your business.

Value-added services
Personal services

What Products We Work with

We have all the necessary tools to handle various types of products and meet the associated requirements of Amazon FBA. Not sure if we can work with your inventory? Allow us to advise you.

We also work with:

Hazardous materials icon

Hazardous materials

Products with expiration dates icon

Products with expiration dates

serial numbers icon

Products with serial numbers

product set icon

Sets and bundles

How Much Do Our FBA Preparation Services Cost?

The costs of 3PL Prep center services should be evaluated not just based on their actual cost but on the profit they will bring to your business. However, we understand the importance of accurately assessing the financial investment.

Our approach to Amazon FBA Prep services fees includes:

  • Transparency and accessibility of all prices
  • No hidden fees
  • No setup fees or subscription fees
  • Monthly calculations with clients without long-term commitments
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How Much Do Our FBA Preparation Services Cost
Ysell Inventory Management Software

Gain Full Control Over All Processes

We use specialized software for FBA Prep Centers. Therefore, we can offer you maximum convenience in controlling and managing processes:

  • Thanks to integration with the Amazon Seller Central account, shipment and return data are synchronized.
  • FBA orders are uploaded into the system for detailed analytics.
  • All interactions between you and our specialists are automated. So, no more manual work and exhausting communication with support.

In addition, our support service operates 5 days a week to provide you with prompt assistance when needed. Each of our clients receives an individual chat for communication with support for easy and quick resolution of all issues.

Comprehensive Approach to Amazon

Amazon sellers rarely operate with just one Amazon program, so Fulfillment-Box offers a comprehensive solution for you. In addition to FBA preparation services, we handle FBM and SFP orders and can also assist with shipments from China.

By choosing us as your partner, you get one universal solution for all your Amazon-related needs.

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Complete logistics solution for Amazon - FBM, FBA, SFP

Discover the Benefits of the FBA Program with Prep Services

Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. Let us prove that we are indeed the best Amazon Prep Center.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Amazon FBA?

    Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a third-party logistics service provided by Amazon. Amazon’s fulfillment centers take care of storing, packing, and delivering your products to customers. Among the key benefits of FBA are fast order fulfillment and a wide network of warehouses worldwide for convenient distribution of goods.

    What is an Amazon FBA Prep Center?

    An Amazon FBA Prep Center is a third-party service that helps Amazon sellers prepare, package, and ship their products to Amazon fulfillment centers.

    What are the benefits of using an FBA Prep Center?

    First and foremost, an FBA Prep Center helps sellers avoid fines for long-term storage. By storing products at a 3PL warehouse and sending only the necessary inventory to the Amazon FBA warehouse when needed, sellers can efficiently manage their stock. Additionally, the Prep Center offers expertise in complying with Amazon’s stringent requirements, allowing sellers to entrust product preparation to professionals rather than navigating the process themselves.

    An FBA Prep Center serves as an intermediary between the supplier and the FBA warehouse. It monitors the quality of deliveries and can repack and label products if necessary.

    Among other advantages, FBA Prep Centers provide:

    • Reduced fulfillment time: Amazon can fulfill orders faster for products that are already prepped and packaged according to their requirements.
    • Lower shipping costs: FBA Prep Centers can offer discounts on shipping by sending large volumes of goods.
    • Improved customer service: Faster fulfillment times and fewer errors can lead to better customer service.
    • Time savings: Outsourcing the preparation and fulfillment of orders allows sellers to focus on other aspects of their business.

    Why do I need Amazon FBA Prep center?

    As an absolute giant in the third-party logistics market, Amazon cannot adapt to each individual customer. Processes of such scale can function properly only if all components work precisely like clockwork. Therefore, Amazon requires customers to adapt to its requests and does not tolerate exceptions or deviations from the norm.

    Because of this, sellers face numerous problems, such as constant fines for rule violations, long-term storage fees, restrictions on brand presentation, issues with processing returns, and much more.

    To mitigate most of these issues, Amazon sellers often use the additional services of an FBA Prep center. It helps them adhere to platform requirements without harming their business.

    Do your Prep centers handle extensive large volume FBA prep operations?

    Yes, the majority of our FBA prep warehouses are equipped to manage large-scale FBA prep requirements. For specific warehouse capabilities, please connect with our managers.