Fulfillment center in Germany

Grow your Germany-based business with our comprehensive ecommerce fulfillment services. We offer a full range of 3PL services:

  • Storage
  • Order fulfillment
  • Returns processing
  • FBA Prep center

Unique offer in honor of warehouse expansion in Kodersdorf. Store your goods in the warehouse by August 31, 2024, and receive a 10% discount on all services, excluding storage, packaging, and transportation.

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Large warehouses

>5600 m²

Total storage area


Days for order fulfillment


Fulfillment accuracy

*Regular processing time for 98% of all shipments except at peak times such as public holidays and peak seasons such as Easter or the pre-Christmas period

Ecommerce Fulfillment in Germany

Germany is the largest ecommerce market in Europe, which attracts many entrepreneurs. Therefore, the need for services from a professional fulfillment provider is becoming increasingly relevant.

If you’re looking to expand your online business or break into the German market, teaming up with our fulfillment center in Germany is a great choice. We’ll assist your business in meeting the high-quality standards expected in Germany.

Fulfillment-Box warehouses in Germany

Fulfillment-Box Warehouses in Germany


The fulfillment center in Bremen is strategically positioned near a highway junction within an industrial zone, enabling swift delivery of goods to any part of Germany within 1-2 days. Additionally, it’s conveniently close to the Amazon warehouse in Hamburg, only 90 km away. Storage options include racks, pallets, and compartmentalized storage for small items.

size icon
3000 pallet spaces
working hours icon
Monday – Friday
From 08:00 to 18:00 (local time)


The fulfillment center in Kodersdorf is located near the A4 motorway, just a few minutes’ drive from the borders of Poland and the Czech Republic. This pallet warehouse is ideal for handling oversized goods and offers storage on pallets.

size icon
1500 pallet spaces
working hours icon
Monday – Friday
From 08:00 to 18:00 (local time)
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Our Office Building and Warehouse

Order fulfillment services - warehousing, picking, packing, shippinh, return management

Professional Order Fulfillment Services

Whether you’re an online store owner, a marketplace seller, or manage multiple sales channels, entrust us with your complete order fulfillment process.

Our fulfillment center in Germany provides the following 3PL services:

  • storage of goods at the warehouse in Bremen or Kodersdorf
  • picking and packing of orders (with the opportunity to use your packaging and inserts)
  • order shipment within the country on the same day
  • international order shipment within 1-2 days with DHL service
  • FBA Prep center services
  • returns processing
  • disposal of defective goods
  • support for registration of LUCID/EPR for Germany
  • Responsible person for customs clearance
  • WEEE number registration

We are also willing to provide individual services on your request. We are possessing a vast work experience in ecommerce, therefore we will be able to help you to handle many non-standard situations.

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Our Logistics Partners in Germany

Delivery to Germany with Customs Clearance

Delivery of the cargo from Ukraine and other European countries to Germany, starting from a single box. DiFreight company provides a full range of services from collection of cargo from any location to delivery to the end client. Meanwhile, cooperation with reliable brokers will provide you with safe customs clearance of cargoes for import and export.

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    FAQ About Our Ecommerce Fulfillment Services in Germany

    1. Where are your 3PL warehouses located in Germany?

    At the moment, Fulfillment-Box has two large warehouses in Germany – in Bremen and in Kodersdorf.

    2. Do you only ship orders within Germany?

    No, from our 3PL warehouses in Germany, we can ship orders both domestically and internationally using the DHL courier service.

    3. Why should I choose a fulfillment center in Germany?

    Our fulfillment center in Germany can efficiently fulfill orders across the entire European Union territory. If you have customers in multiple EU countries, this is an efficient alternative to distributing inventory across several countries.

    4. How much do your ecommerce fulfillment services in Germany cost?

    We adhere to the concept of price transparency. You can review our tariffs for 3PL services in Germany on our website.

    5. What services do you offer for Amazon sellers?

    For Amazon sellers, we offer a comprehensive solution – FBM fulfillment and FBA Prep center services. This includes storage, repackaging, labeling, shipping or transit forwarding of goods to Amazon fulfillment centers, as well as handling returns.