Fulfillment center in Germany

Order fulfillment services in Germany from a 3PL company Fulfillment-Box

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A warehouse in Germany for ecommerce order fulfillment

Germany is the largest ecommerce market in Europe, which attracts many entrepreneurs. If your company wants to optimize the order fulfillment process or is just planning to enter the German or European market, then a cooperation with a fulfillment center will be a perfect solution.

Fulfillment-Box official representative in Germany:

HotPart GmbH

The Fulfillment-Box warehouses in Germany are located at the following addresses:

Walter-Geerdes-Str. 14
28307 Bremen

Karl-Marx-Str. 3
02827 Görlitz

Warehouse opening times:

Monday – Friday
From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (UTC +1)

Our office building and warehouse

Professional fulfillment services in Germany

Fulfillment-Box is a professional provider of logistics services for ecommerce in Germany. No matter if you are the owner of an online store, if you sell on marketplaces or if you have several sales channels – you can outsource to us the whole chain of the order fulfillment.

Fulfillment center in Germany provides the following services:

  • storage of goods at the warehouse in Bremen or Görlitz
  • picking and packing of orders (with the opportunity to use your packaging and inserts)
  • order shipment within the country on the same day
  • international order shipment within 1-2 days with DHL service
  • preparing goods for FBA
  • transit to FBA
  • returns processing
  • disposal of defective goods
  • support for registration of LUCID/EPR for Germany

We are also willing to provide individual services on your request. We are possessing a vast work experience in ecommerce, therefore we will be able to help you to handle many non-standard situations.

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