Warehousing and Logistics Value-Added Services

Unlock additional opportunities for your business with our 3PL value added services (VAS).

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How Value-Added Services Can Benefit Your Business

Logistics value-added services expand the standard offering of a 3PL company. This allows your online business to receive a customized fulfillment solution.

The primary purposes of 3PL value-added services are twofold:


Tailor the 3PL offering to your specific needs.

For instance, this could involve using special packaging for fragile items or conducting functionality checks on electronic devices before shipping.


Provide you with new opportunities for business growth and profit.

For example, this could include inserting promotional materials into shipments or using branded packaging.

Choosing a value-added logistics provider lays the groundwork for scaling your business. Even if you don’t currently require additional services at the start of collaboration, this can become an advantage later on.

Our 3PL Value Added Services

These are just some of the value-added services (VAS) provided by our 3PL warehouse. We are always open to your requests and preferences. Discuss your needs with our managers, and we will advise on how we can assist.

Assembly of a set or kit

We assemble and bundle various items that need to be shipped together. This is an excellent solution for promotions such as "buy one, get one free" or "save when purchased together."

Adding enclosed materials

We will assist you in implementing your marketing strategies. During the picking process, we can include various promotional materials (brochures, business cards), instructions, free samples, etc.

Using individual packaging

For order packaging, we can use the materials provided by you. These may include branded boxes, bags, packaging paper, ensuring the customer has a memorable unboxing experience.

Forced label printing

Sometimes delivery services reject the delivery address even if there is no hard error. This prevents the order from being shipped. We address such issues and enforce label printing to ensure the fulfillment of orders.

Document printing

We can print enclosed or system-generated documents and include them in the order. For example, this could be a product usage manual or an invoice.

Providing a mailbox

We provide our mailing address for receiving correspondence for your company. Additionally, we can handle incoming mail and send you scans of the contents.

Additional labeling

If your products lack the necessary labeling (for example, for shipment to an Amazon FBA warehouse), we can independently add the required labels or barcodes.


We can repack your products for you. For instance, repackaging returned items for resale or properly packaging goods for shipment to Amazon FBA.

Return disposal

We can take care of the disposal of goods that are unsuitable for use or resale for a very reasonable fee.

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Our Experience for the Growth of Your Business

The Fulfillment-Box team has over 15 years of experience in ecommerce. Therefore, we fully understand the worth of logistics value-added services and have sufficient expertise to provide them.

We can offer our clients an individual approach since we have been through many situations and know exactly how to help you.

We also have numerous trusted partners, and we can recommend a reliable service provider if we are unable to assist you directly.

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