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Service costs in United Kingdom

Services Description Prices
Put goods in storage (per item) Receiving and allocation of goods in warehouse *the price is indicated only for goods with standard dimensions 60*60*60 cm and weight up to 15 kg. £0,11
Put goods in storage (per box) Receiving, allocation in warehouse £0,55
Storage m³ (per month) Storage of goods in a warehouse m³ per month £15,00
FBM shipping (warehouse in Coventry) Picking from warehouse, packing, sending *prices apply to cartons up to 40*40*40 cm and weighing up to 4 kg £1,00 order processing + £0,70 per item
FBM shipping (warehouse in Leighton Buzzard) Picking from warehouse, packing, sending *price depends on the size and weight of goods per order) Order Processing Processing cost per unit
XS – weight from 0,01 kg till 0,3 kg, size from 0,1x0,1x0,1 cm till 25x25x5 cm £1,00 £0,45
S – from 0,31 kg till 3 kg, 25x25x5 cm till 30x30x30 cm £1,00 £0,65
M – from 3,1 kg till 10 kg, 30x30x30 cm till 50x50x50 cm £1,00 £1,65
L – from 10,1 kg till 20 kg, 50x50x50 cm till 60x60x120 cm £1,00 £2,65
XL – from 20,1 kg, till 31,5 kg 60x60x120 cm. £1,00 £3,65
Shipping Prime by seller Processing and shipping orders through the Amazon Prime program £0,55 per order
FBA Removal processing and storage Returns processing. If the product is new, then we put it in the warehouse. £0,44
FBA Removal - product disposal Receiving, inspection, disposal £2,20
Returns - processing and storage Processing of customer returns (the products have already been with the customer and require additional control) £2,00 + £1,00 per item
Pallet storage Pallet storage (pallet size: length - 120 cm, width - 80 cm, height - 180 cm) *The warehouse accepts only pallets of the size specified above. In case the goods are delivered to the warehouse on pallets of other dimensions, they will be transferred to the pallets of the required size. The fee for this operation will be calculated based on the hourly rate. £11,00
Pallet transit (no storage) Transit of one pallet (no storage) £22,00
Pallet shipping Shipping of one pallet £11,00
Pallet preparation Packing goods on a pallet, wrapping with film, loading. The price for the pallet itself is included in the price of the service. Picking of the goods for the pallet is NOT included in the price of this service. £30,00
Container unloading Unloading goods on pallets from a LC container and placing them in a warehouse Hourly rate
Truck unloading   Hourly rate
Working time of 1 employee Additional services on request £30,00
Shipping of the order on the day it was created (Ship date 1 day) Shipping of the order on the day of its creation (if the order is created and it is accepted by Prep Center, it can be shipped on the same day). £0,55
Forwarding Forwarding parcels without opening, processing and additional packaging £4,40
Shipment FBA FNSKU (SET) Formation of a set - price for each product in the set £0,33
Shipment FBA FNSKU (Bundle) Formation of a bundle - price for each product in the bundle £0,33
Order flyer (per item) Adding a paper flyer to the order, price for inserting one flyer £0,15
Print documents (per document) Printing of one document, that was attached to an order or created in the system *the price is indicatedd for printing of 1 document and adding a document to the order £0,25
Send to FBA from Prep (Masterbox) Shipping to FBA without FNSKU labeling, with customer's cartons £4,40
Transit to FBA from Prep (Masterbox) Transit to FBA without FNSKU labeling, with customer's cartons £4,40
Services Description Prices
Send/Transit to FBA from prep center, including FNSKU labeling (Unit) Picking from warehouse, labeling of each product with FNSKU, packing, shipping or transit (price depends on the quantity of units per shipment)
1-49 £1.10
50-99 £0,99
100-199 £0,88
200-399 £0,77
400-699 £0,66
700-999 £0,55
1000+ £0,44
Services Description Prices
Send/Transit to FBA from Prep without labeling FNSKU (Unit) Picking from warehouse, packing, shipping or transit (price depends on the quantity of units per shipment)
1-99 £0,44
100-499 £0,33
500+ £0,28




Labeling without shipping (unit)

Labeling units of goods with stickers / FNSKU / other marking labels without shipping (usually used when receiving goods at the warehouse) - the cost depends on the number of units in the shipment







Box name Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm) Prices
Transparent plastic bag_S (thin) 45.00 30.00 1.00 £0.04
Transparent plastic bag_M (strong) 50.00 37.50 3.00 £0.10
Transparent plastic bag_L (strong) 90.00 60.00 5.00 £0.25
Grey Mail Bag_S 15.00 11.00 (not set) £0.05
Grey Mail Bag_M 22.00 15.00 (not set) £0.06
Grey Mail Bag_L 29.00 20.00 (not set) £0.07
Grey Mail Bag_XL 35.00 25.00 5.00 £0.08
Grey Mail Bag_2XL 48.26 33.02 (not set) £0.11
KITE 508x406x406 50.80 40.60 40.60 £2.09
KITE 254x203x152 25.40 20.30 15.20 £0.39
KITE 229x152x152 23.00 15.00 15.00 £0.30
KITE 61x61x61 61.00 61.00 61.00 £4.40
KITE 50x61x42 61.00 50.00 42.00 £2.75
KITE 2B 40.00 30.00 20.00 £0.83
Envelope 25x33 32.00 22.00 5.00 £0.22
Envelope 30x25 20.00 12.00 5.00 £0.17
Bubble env S 1.00 15.00 25.00 £0.17
Customer box 30.00 40.00 20.00 £0.00
Dear clients, our company works on a prepayment system!

A deposit will be opened for each client, which must be replenished by at least £200 (in the future, the amount of the deposit is discussed depending on the monthly expenses for your company).

When you have funds on your deposit, we begin to fulfill our part of the service agreement. After completing the service, we issue an invoice, the amount of which will be withdrawn from your deposit.

If you decide to terminate the contract for the provision of services, we will refund you all unused funds that are in your deposit.

How to replenish a deposit

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