3PL Services for Amazon Sellers

The only Amazon 3PL partner that you’ll need for your success.

Fulfillment-Box provides the most comprehensive package of services for Amazon sellers among 3PL companies:

  • FBM order fulfillment
  • SFP order fulfillment
  • FBA Prep center services
  • Working with Amazon Seller and Amazon Vendor
  • Warehouse in China for supply chain operations
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Why Fulfillment-Box is Your Best Amazon 3PL Partner

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Warehouse network

Fulfillment-Box 3PL warehouses are located in most countries where Amazon operates. You can easily scale your business and reach new customers.

process automation icon

Full automation

Our WMS system integrates with your Amazon Seller Central account for quick data exchange and automation of all processes.

15 years experience icon

Over 15 years of experience

Our key specialists have over 15 years of experience working with Amazon. We thoroughly understand all requirements and commitments.

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Precision in fulfillment

We use serial numbers to track products. This allows us to easily and accurately identify the product for shipment to the customer or to the Amazon warehouse.

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Different types of products

We have everything necessary for efficient handling of various types of products, including hazardous materials and perishable goods.

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Our robust technical support

For each client, we create an individual chat with technical support. Our managers are available five days a week and respond within 20 minutes.

A Full Range of 3PL Services for Amazon

Fulfillment-Box will be your “Swiss Army knife” in the world of Amazon. We provide all the necessary tools for optimizing and growing your business on this marketplace. Our 3PL services are designed to meet the demands of the most discerning Amazon seller.

Control shipments from China

Our warehouse in China will help you establish a truly reliable supply chain.

We can check individual samples of goods as well as conduct a complete inspection of the supplier or manufacturer. This ensures that the delivery will not be disappointing. This is especially important if you are shipping goods from China directly to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

We will also provide fast and secure delivery of goods to your warehouse, Amazon FBA warehouse (with preparation and labeling of products), or another Fulfillment-Box warehouse.

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Tracking products by serial numbers

Offer your customers excellent service

Fulfillment-Box specializes in providing Amazon FBM order fulfillment services. Thanks to integration with Amazon Seller Central, orders are automatically entered into the system and will be processed as quickly as possible (usually within 1-2 days). We guarantee reliable packaging and delivery through trusted shipping services.

Tracking products by serial numbers and other unique identifiers ensures accuracy in fulfillment.

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Stay recognizable

We will make your brand memorable.

Provide branded packaging, inserts, and instructions, and we will use them for Amazon order fulfillment. Customers will have an unforgettable unboxing experience, remembering your brand rather than Amazon’s logo.

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Order customization
Amazon FBA preparation process

Enjoy the benefits of Amazon FBA without drawbacks

Amazon FBA is an excellent service that can provide your business with a myriad of opportunities but also come with various drawbacks, such as storage fees, a percentage taken from each order, lost shipments, uncontrolled returns, and more. There are indeed many challenges.

Our 3PL services for Amazon include goods preparation for FBA. We can help you minimize the costs associated with FBA and truly experience the benefits of this program.

  • Storage without overpayments

All our 3PL warehouses are located near Amazon fulfillment centers. You can store your products with us without overpaying, and when needed, we will deliver them to the Amazon warehouse as quickly as possible.

  • Preparation of goods

Amazon FBA is known for its stringent requirements for products. Therefore, we carefully prepare the products for shipment—ensuring quality control, repackaging, and labeling.

  • Transit

Thanks to the convenient location of our warehouses, you can use them for transit shipments to Amazon FBA.

  • Return processing

Redirect returns to our warehouse for thorough inspection, repackaging, and resale.

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Get a Prime label

Get significantly more sales with the Prime label.
We will ensure excellent SFP order fulfillment, allowing you to easily pass the trial period and then maintain the required level of service.

  • We collaborate with approved delivery services.
  • We provide delivery to any corner of the country.
  • We guarantee same-day fulfillment.

To fulfill Prime orders through FBA, use the services of our FBA Prep Center.

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Compliance Services for Amazon Sellers

Amazon rigorously ensures that sellers comply with legal standards. Therefore, in addition to 3PL services, Fulfillment-Box offers assistance with compliance with a number of legal regulations that directly impact the ability to sell on Amazon in Europe:

Scale Your Amazon Sales with a Reliable 3PL Partner

    A warehouse in which country are you interested in?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does an Amazon seller need 3PL services?

    3PL services help Amazon sellers optimize processes and free up time and human resources for brand development.

    A 3PL company ensures the efficiency of all warehouse operations and enables Amazon sellers to provide excellent service to their customers.

    Why use a 3PL company for order fulfillment instead of Amazon FBA?

    Amazon FBA is a massive service provider that, due to the scale of its operations, may struggle to adapt to individual seller requests. If you have a question, issue, or specific request, Amazon may not be able to provide personalized assistance.

    In contrast, 3PL companies typically offer a more individualized approach. It’s easier to get in touch with them to address specific problems or questions.

    How to choose an Amazon 3PL company?

    First and foremost, check whether the 3PL company has experience in working with Amazon. It’s preferable to choose providers that explicitly state their specialization in working with Amazon.

    Among other important factors:
    1) integration with Amazon Seller Central
    2) warehouse locations and proximity to Amazon FBA warehouses
    3) service diversity and alignment with your needs
    4) optimal pricing
    5) positive client reviews
    6) service quality of the 3PL support team