eBay Fulfillment Services

Scale your business on eBay with a professional fulfillment partner like Fulfillment-Box. With our comprehensive eBay fulfillment services, you can focus on brand development while we take care of everything else:

  • Storage and warehousing
  • Order picking, packaging, and shipping
  • Returns management
  • Customized services upon request
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Your Trusted eBay Order Fulfillment Partner

Fulfillment-Box offers unique advantages that make it the ideal 3PL solution for your eBay business:

Fulfillment-Box warehouse

Worldwide fulfillment warehouses

Our network of fulfillment warehouses covers most countries where the eBay platform operates. With us, you can scale your business and enter new markets. Conveniently located warehouses ensure fast order fulfillment worldwide.

Ebay 3PL and Fulfillment Services

Integration with eBay account

We provide integration with your eBay seller account to automate order fulfillment. This ensures seamless, real-time transfer of all critical inventory and order information.

Customized fulfillment approach

Personalized approach

We value the uniqueness of each client and offer a personalized approach to eBay order fulfillment. During order picking, we can include your promotional materials (inserts, samples, etc.) and use branded packaging. We aim to fully satisfy individual requests and provide customized services to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Professional Technical Support

Professional technical support

Our highly trained technical support team is available five days a week. We guarantee responses within 20 minutes in personal chat – your time is valuable to us. We provide support in English, German, Russian and Ukrainian to ensure maximum comfort and understanding during communication.

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Our 3PL Services for eBay Sellers

Storage and warehousing

With us you can organize an efficient and reliable storage of goods for sale on eBay:

  • Store goods across one or multiple warehouses and manage them from a single account;
  • Distribute goods between warehouses to gain speed and cost advantages in order delivery;
  • We have the expertise to handle various types of goods, including those with limited expiration dates.
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Fulfillment Warehouse
Order picking and packaging

Order picking and packaging

Speed up the picking of eBay orders and add a unique style:

  • Well-organized goods placement and use of warehouse software increases order picking speed and reduces fulfillment time to a single day;
  • Our serial number tracking system ensures accurate order picking, minimizing identification errors;
  • Upon demand, you can provide us with instructions for the use of your own packaging materials, ensuring that shipments conform to your company’s corporate style.
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Returns management

Minimize eBay returns losses with our reverse logistics solution:

  • We offer a complete solution for receiving and managing eBay returns, providing fast processing of your buyers’ requests;
  • During returns management, we carefully inspect the condition of the goods and return them to inventory for faster resale;
  • Detailed returns reports help you identify problematic and loss-making items.
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Effective returns management