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Fulfillment-Box is a full-service logistics provider for your ecommerce business. We're ready to scale your business - domestically and internationally.

  • Fulfillment, logistics and compliance services
  • Extensive network of warehouses worldwide
  • Personalized approach to each client
  • Fully automated processes thanks to modern software


Your cargo in safe hands

Fulfillment-Box now offers international freight forwarding services. Reliable transportation, a strategic approach, and on-time delivery - your freight is in competent hands throughout its journey.


warehouses in 9 countries


order fulfillment accuracy


days order fulfillment*

*Regular processing time for 98% of all shipments except at peak times such as public holidays and peak seasons such as Easter or the pre-Christmas period

Store Your Inventory Worldwide

Fulfillment-Box is a large German holding, which is engaged in warehouse maintenance and provides full-service logistics. Our branches are strategically positioned in key ecommerce hubs worldwide, and we’re committed to continuous expansion.

Efficiently distribute inventory and store goods nearer to your customers.

  • Europa
  • USA
  • Canada
  • China
  • Turkey
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The Only Logistics Company You’ll Ever Need

Our full-service logistics solution not only meets your current business needs, but is ready for your scalability.
We will be your one-stop partner on the road to start-up, growth and global expansion.

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Services for Amazon Sellers

We fulfill FBM, SFP orders and provide FBA Prep Center services – store, pack, label and ship your items to FBA warehouses, handle returns. We also work with the Amazon Transparency program.

Fulfillment-Box warehouses are strategically positioned to enhance the efficiency of your Amazon business.

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End-to-End Order Fulfillment

We take full charge of order fulfillment – warehousing, picking, packing, shipping, and handling customer returns.

Among other services, we specialize in kits and sets, and we can also customize orders using your packaging materials and inserts.

Our integration with distribution channels ensures a streamlined, automated, and fast order fulfillment process.

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A truck for freight forwarding

Freight Forwarding

We will undertake shipping of your cargo on the most popular routes – from China to the USA or Europe, within the USA and Europe, as well as between the USA and Canada. Our experts will choose the best method and route for you, based on the parameters of the cargo and your wishes.

We will ensure that goods are delivered on time to the port, your warehouse, Fulfillment-Box warehouse, or Amazon FBA warehouse.

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China Supplier Inspection

Our experts in China act as your reliable intermediaries when dealing with suppliers. We receive product samples at our warehouse and inspect them according to your specific requirements.

Experienced inspectors visit the supplier’s production site or warehouse to check the goods. You receive a detailed report ensuring shipment quality and providing you with confidence.

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China Supplier Inspection
Order packaging customization

Customized Services

While standardized services are helpful, having a flexible partner who can assist in unique situations is invaluable.

We offer tailored services for ecommerce based on your specific needs. Contact us for a consultation and a personalized proposal.

Value-added services

Compliance Services in Europe

Entering a new market in Europe typically involves resolving compliance issues. We offer businesses assistance with compliance with key trade regulations in this region. This includes VAT ID registration, company registration in Estonia, EORI registration, WEEE registration, LUCID/CITEO registration, and providing support with customs clearance.

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Compliance in Europe