Fulfillment in Europe, Canada, Turkey, the USA and China

Success has a storage space - Fulfillment-Box

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Network of 3PL fulfillment centers for ecommerce

Fulfillment-Box is a large German holding, which is engaged in warehouse maintenance and provides 3rd party logistics services for ecommerce. Currently, the company has fulfillment-warehouses in several countries in Europe, Turkey, Canada, the USA and China.

Complex third party logistics fulfillment services for marketplaces and online stores


When receiving the goods, we check them for damage and register in our warehouse inventory system. You can track the inventory level in real time.

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Pick & Pack

Thanks to a wide range of packaging materials and various boxes your goods will always be securely packed. We can also use your branded packaging and inserts if desired.

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Thanks to a wide network of warehouses, we will quickly deliver orders to your clients in Europe, Turkey, Canada or the USA. From a warehouse in Germany we can arrange a cost-effective international delivery with DHL service.

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Returns management

We will accept and check every customer return. Thanks to Ysell.pro you will always be informed about which goods were returned to the warehouse and about their condition.

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FBA Prep center

For Amazon sellers we have a dedicated service for preparing goods for shipment to the Amazon warehouse including FNSKU labeling.

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We use Ysell.pro software

  • Integration with a number of marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and others) for multichannel sales management.
  • Tracking warehouse balances in real time.
  • Control of work processes and tracking the status of each order.
  • Qualified technical support.
Ysell Software Dashboard

Make your business grow with the 3PL fulfillment center

Increase your sales numbers

Entrust the 3rd party logistics provider with your logistics issues and gain more time for product promotion. Develop your brand and expand your customer base and we will take care of order fulfillment.