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Learn more about the people behind the company who are responsible for its growth, development, and service quality.

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About Fulfillment-Box

We started our business in 3PL in 2019. It started with a single warehouse in Bremen and has grown into a large international network of Prep Centers, of which we are incredibly proud.

The original mission of the company was to support Amazon sellers. With years of experience selling on this platform, we knew all the problems and could help other sellers. At the same time, we had a warehouse, a well-established team and established processes.

So we had a goal, knowledge and skills. Isn’t that the best recipe to start a business? That’s how we started offering FBM and FBA services.

Later, the mission transformed into a more global one. We learned to work with other marketplaces and shopping carts, so we gradually expanded our competencies.

Now we combine fullfillment center and FBA Prep center services to provide the best experience for our clients.

Fulfillment-Box Warehouse


Vitali Grenz
Vitali Grenz

Founder and CEO

Before founding the company, Vitali worked in ecommerce for over 10 years. He has extensive experience in doing business on Amazon and in business management in general. It was precisely this experience and the thirst for growth and development that allowed Vitali to take the risk and systematically build a business in the field of fulfillment services directly related to the ecommerce industry. Now, in just 4 years, this business has grown from 1 warehouse to 17, still no end in sight.
Vitali is still actively involved in all of the company’s processes. He is the most important visionary and the driving force behind our team.

Julia Gordon
Julia Gordon

Head of the Prep Centers network

Large-scale projects require skilled leadership. When Vitali comes up with ideas, Julia does everything possible (and impossible) to realize them. She originally joined the company as head of the technical support department, but her management skills allowed her to not only quickly form a young and ambitious team of technical support professionals but also to streamline the operation of the Prep center network, tripling the number of its warehouses. Now, Julia plays a key role in the team. Her abilities help turn the boldest ideas into reality, ensuring the company’s rapid and fruitful development.

Denis Grenz
Denis Grenz

Warehouse Manager in Bremen

We opened the warehouse in Bremen on 02.02.2019

Oleksandr Zbitskiy
Oleksandr Zbitskyi

Warehouse Manager in Zgorzelec

We opened a warehouse in Zgorzelec on 15.04.2021