Assistance with Company Registration in Estonia

Easily conduct legitimate e-commerce in the European Union.

Unleash the potential of the European market for your brand without tons of bureaucracy by company registration in Estonia. We will help and support you at every stage of the company formation process.

  • Registration of a private limited company (OÜ)
  • No physical presence required
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E-commerce Business in the EU

The EU is a promising place to start a business or expand an e-commerce business. To operate legally, a non-resident must register a company in one of the EU countries. However, the requirements for non-residents vary considerably from country to country. Careful consideration must therefore be given to your choice.
At Fulfillment-Box, we offer assistance in registering a company in Estonia through a trusted person.

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Why Fulfillment-Box

We provide experienced professionals

We have over 10 years of experience operating e-commerce business in the EU. Thus, our experts know exactly how to do business more efficiently in Europe.

We offer a complete set of services

We offer you a full range of compliance services for the European e-commerce market. In addition to company registration in Estonia, we can assist you with EORI, WEEE, LUCID and other matters.

We communicate in the language of your choice

Solving issues is much easier with us because we consult in your preferred language – English, German, Russian or Ukrainian.

Benefits of Registering a Company in Estonia

Online business management

Estonia is one of the most digitalized countries in the European Union. Here, digital document management is actively practiced. For example, more than 90% of tax documents are submitted online. Therefore, Estonia is the best choice for opening a company if you want to manage your business remotely. After obtaining resident status, you can access government services online and use electronic signatures (but you do not get a residence permit).

Favorable tax policy

Estonia is very welcoming to foreign investors and actively encourages them to set up businesses. Among other attractive factors, tax laws play an important role. Estonia has a 0% corporate tax rate on undistributed profits. This allows you to accumulate capital and reinvest it in business development. After profit distribution, the corporate tax rate is 20%.

Low startup costs

For limited liability companies (OÜ), the minimum share capital is only 0.01 Euro per shareholder. The contribution is not a fee and you can use it for commercial activities. In addition, you don’t need to provide documents confirming the payment if the amount is less than 50,000 euros. Therefore, a non-resident can open a company in Estonia relatively inexpensively.