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International order shipping from fulfillment warehouses in Europe, Turkey, Canada, the USA and China

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Why outsource your e-commerce logistics (warehousing, picking, packaging and shipping)?

By outsourcing e-commerce logistics you save a significant amount of time and effort. A fulfillment company gives you access to an already streamlined and optimized order shipping process both domestically and globally. You will not have to independently develop a scheme of work and agree on cooperation.

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Worldwide order shipping

Why choose the 3PL company Fulfillment-Box as partner for order shipping?

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1. Warehouses in Europe, Turkey, Canada, the USA and China

Currently, Fulfillment-Box operates warehouses in Germany, Poland, Spain, Austria, Great Britain, Turkey, Canada, the United States and China. You can economize by shipping orders from the warehouse which is closest to the customer. Thereby profitably enter new markets.

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2. Cooperation with proven local and international carriers

Domestically we ship orders with proven carriers to ensure every order to be delivered quickly and intact. For international deliveries we use DHL service.

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3. Beneficial tariffs and speed of execution

Due to a long-term cooperation with carriers and a large amount of deliveries we work at more beneficial tariffs without loss of quality. Domestic deliveries are carried out within 1-2 days.

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