Save on freight delivery with our top-notch logistics partner ARDI Express

Fast and secure freight delivery services from any country in the world to the USA at reasonable prices.

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ARDI Express

ARDI Express is a leading global transportation and logistics company. ARDI can arrange safe freight delivery by air, sea, and land (from any country in the world to the USA, Door-to-Door, DDP/DDU).

Furthermore, they are partners with Amazon SPN and Alibaba Gold Supplier.

Advantages of ARDI Express:

  • Two proprietary warehouses in the USA (with an area of over 51,000 square meters);
  • Cargo tracking throughout its journey;
  • Express air freight services;
  • Option for FCL and LCL delivery;
  • The possibility of delivering directly to an Amazon FBA warehouse;
  • Additional services in warehousing and fulfillment.

ARDI Express employs highly qualified specialists who know about all aspects of freight delivery. This is one of the best logistics solutions on the market in terms of price and quality ratio.