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We are celebrating the 5th anniversary of Fulfillment Box's first warehouse

Five years ago, Fulfillment-Box opened its first warehouse in Bremen, Germany. Since then, it has been a key element in our network of fulfillment centers providing high-quality fulfillment services to customers in Europe.

“The warehouse in Bremen is the heart of our company. Within 5 years, the Fulfillment Box network has expanded beyond Germany and even Europe. But the Bremen warehouse remains something special for us. This is where we started our journey and where we have set the standard for the further growth and development of our entire network of centers worldwide.”
Vitali Grenz, founder of the Fulfillment Box Network

As a central hub, the Bremen warehouse is the first in which innovations are tested and implemented. It serves as a model for automation and lean processes in our new warehouses.

In all these years, we have refined our methods, actively expanded the range of products we support and offered our customers versatile and flexible solutions. And as we celebrate the 5th anniversary of the warehouse today, we would like to share our successes with you.

Our loyal customers have tripled their annual fulfillment volume in the five years we have been working with them. We have also significantly expanded our warehouse space and set up a separate pallet warehouse to enable efficient handling and storage. Furthermore, in the five years of successful operation of the Bremer Prep Center, we have gained new reliable logistics partners that enable us to offer our customers flexible delivery options at the most favorable conditions.

From one warehouse in the city of the Bremen Town Musicians, we have grown to 17 warehouses in 9 countries. This year we plan to connect at least 3 more countries to our network.

We would like to express our thanks to you, dear customers. Thank you for your trust and support over the years! We promise you that we will continue to develop and make our 3PL services in Germany even better.

We also invite new customers to take advantage of the Fulfillment Box storage service in Bremen. Experience first-hand the efficiency and professionalism of Fulfillment-Box.

Celebrate this important milestone with us and expand your business in Europe with Fulfillment-Box.

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