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On-site supplier or manufacturer inspections

At Fulfillment-Box, we recommend verifying your Chinese supplier to ensure their reliability and the quality of their products. It’s like a regular body check-up. It’s better to take action and find nothing wrong than to face unpleasant consequences later.

Purchasing and supplying products to your warehouse is the basis for the entire further supply chain in ecommerce. If you receive low-quality products from your Chinese supplier, you’ll waste a lot of time returning or exchanging them. In the process, you’ll also You miss out on potential sales and suffer losses. This is assuming that the supplier even ships the products.
Inspection is especially crucial if you’re sending products from China directly to Amazon FBA warehouses. Your seller rating is literally at stake here.

Jokes about the “quality” of Chinese products may have become outdated, but the problem hasn’t disappeared.

We strongly recommend carefully inspecting your supplier and their products before entering into any business relationship, and we offer our assistance in this matter.

Our warehouse in China provides on-site supplier or manufacturer inspections. An expert will visit the production facility, thoroughly inspect the products and production equipment and provide a report according to your instructions.
We also inspect product samples. Send your product samples to our warehouse, and we will examine them, conduct video inspections, and document the results in a detailed report.

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