Online calculator for DHL international shipping costs

Calculate the price of shipping a DHL package worldwide.
The calculator shows the cost of sending a package through the DHL parcel international program from Germany and Poland.

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Package Shipping Calculator (DHL Paket)

Max Weight 31.5 kg, Max Dimensions 120 x 60 x 60 cm

With DHL Parcel international you can send parcels to almost any corner of the world. You can send both small and large parcels. The main requirement is a weight of no more than 31.5 kg and dimensions of no more than 120x60x60 cm (the maximum circumference (= L+2xW+2xH) is 300 cm).

What influences the shipping cost?

The final cost of an international shipment depends on its weight and the country of destination.

DHL distinguishes four categories of packages by weight:
1) package up to 5 kg
2) package 10 kg
3) package 20 kg
4) package 31.5 kg
For the European Union, there is also a category for packages up to 2 kg.

Delivery countries are divided into 8 zones:
1) European Union
2) United Kingdom and Northern Ireland (excluding the Channel Islands), Switzerland
3) Rest of Europe
4) Russian Federation
5) North, Central, and South America
6) North Africa, Middle East
7) Asia, Africa (excluding North Africa and the Middle East)
8) Australia and Oceania

Thus, prices start from 14.49 euros (delivery of packages weighing up to 2 kg within the European Union).

For more details on prices for different zones and additional services, read on the DHL website.