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15% Discount on Services in Las Vegas

Great news for everyone looking for a reliable 3PL operator in the USA with optimal rates! Become a client of our fulfillment center in Las Vegas (Nevada) by 29.03.2024 and get a whole month of services at a reduced cost. We offer a 15% discount on all services except for storage and transportation expenses. It’s an excellent way to enter the US market or expand your distribution network with minimal financial outlay.

What services does Fulfillment-Box offer in Nevada?

A full cycle of logistics services.
We store goods, assemble and ship orders as well as process returns. Furthermore, we also have a special solution for Amazon sellers – FBM fulfillment and FBA Prep center services.
We provide value-added services to ensure that every business gets a solution that meets its needs and goals.

Fulfillment-Box services in Nevada

Why choose a warehouse in Nevada?

1. Competitive prices. Our warehouse in Nevada can offer competitive rates for warehouse services.

2. Close proximity to Amazon warehouses. From our warehouse in Nevada, we will provide the fastest delivery to Amazon FBA warehouses on the West Coast. This will save you time and resources.

3. Dry climate. The favorable climate allows us to reliably store your goods without the use of special equipment. Thanks to this, we offer favorable storage rates.

4. State benefits. Another compelling argument in favor of our Prep center in Las Vegas is the favorable tax policy of the state of Nevada and the strategically advantageous location of the state.

Don’t miss out on your benefits – submit your application now!

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