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Forwarding services from Fulfillment-Box

Dear customers, we have excellent news for you! Fulfillment-Box is launching a crucial new direction – freight forwarding services.
This step in the company’s service development reflects our commitment to offering you the best logistics solutions.

“Our main goal is to offer ecommerce businesses comprehensive logistic solutions. Freight forwarding is a pivotal stage in achieving this objective. For several years, we have studied logistics and freight forwarding based on our own experiences and those of our clients. We have assembled a team of specialists and are now, finally, ready to offer our knowledge in the form of a service.”
Vitali Grenz, founder of Fulfillment-Box network

Fulfillment-Box aims to become your premier international freight forwarder. We are starting with the China-USA route. Our specialists will assist in planning and organizing the delivery of your cargo from China to the USA, whether by air or sea. We will arrange delivery to any specified address, to an Amazon FBA warehouse, or to any Fulfillment-Box warehouse in the USA for further order fulfillment. Remember, you can also utilize our warehouse in China for inspecting and preparing goods for shipment.

This is just the beginning, but our focus is on becoming your reliable partner in global logistics.

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