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Comprehensive logistics solution for ecommerce in the USA

Do you already have or are you planning an online business in the USA? Then the Fulfillment-Box team is pleased to announce that we can now offer full-cycle logistics services for the USA – from deliveries to returns.

By choosing Fulfillment-Box, you get a single 3PL operator capable of meeting all your needs. Managing logistics will be even easier now.

Stage 1: Dealing with Supplies. If you work with Chinese suppliers, we will help you inspect product samples before purchasing and conduct inspections at the supplier’s location. Experienced specialists from our warehouse in China will visit the production site and conduct the inspection according to your instructions. Learn more about supplier inspection…

Stage 2: Preparing Goods for FBA. Want to ship products directly from China to Amazon FBA warehouses in the USA? Use our Prep Center services in China to check, label, and repackage goods before shipping.

Stage 3: Cargo Delivery. Our logistics specialists will choose the optimal route and ensure the safe delivery of your cargo from China to the USA. Various options are available – by sea or air, from port to port, door to door, to Amazon FBA warehouses, or Fulfillment-Box warehouses in the USA. Learn more about cargo delivery from China to the USA…

Stage 4: Distribution and Order Fulfillment. Fulfillment-Box offers you 7 warehouses in different corners of the USA. Place your products closer to customers or near Amazon FBA warehouses to reduce the cost and time of delivery. All our fulfillment warehouses provide full-cycle fulfillment services – storage of goods, order picking and packaging, and shipping. Learn more about fulfillment services in the USA…

Stage 5: Returns Processing. Send customer returns or Amazon returns to Fulfillment-Box warehouses in the USA. Our specialists will receive, inspect, and place returned goods in the warehouse (or handle disposal). Learn more about returns processing…

In addition, we provide value-added services, such as adding attachments to orders, using additional packaging, etc. With us, you can get the perfect logistics solution for your business.

We concentrate all logistics processes in one place, making control and management of logistics as simple as possible for you.

Get a personalized offer for your online business in the USA

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