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New Freight Delivery Route - from China to Europe

Just last week, we announced the launch of our freight forwarding services. We mentioned our aspiration to become an international freight forwarder, and today we are pleased to introduce a new accessible delivery route – from China to Europe.

We will ensure the delivery of your cargo from China to warehouses in Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, France, or any other European country. Our specialists will do everything possible to transport the cargo reliably, at an optimal cost, and within planned deadlines.

What sets us apart from other forwarders is the presence of our own warehouses in China and Europe. Through our hands, you can inspect the supplier in China, prepare and send goods to an Amazon FBA warehouse, ship products to your own warehouse or to fulfillment box warehouses in Europe for further order fulfillment.

When you choose Fulfillment-Box as your logistics partner in Europe, you get a comprehensive range of logistics services under one roof. Trust us and we will make your logistics as efficient and convenient as possible.

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