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WEEE EU number registration

Exciting news for our customers in the European Union. You can contact us now if you need help registering your WEEE EU number.

It was an unpleasant shock for all business owners when Amazon announced that they need a WEEE number for products in the electrical and electronic equipment category. The process of registering a WEEE number takes over six months, and the alternative is that products in this category will be blocked. Therefore, it is important to start the registration process as early as possible to avoid or at least minimize problems.

With us you get full support during and after obtaining the WEEE number.

Service Cost:

  • 1100 € for registration + 100-5000 € for registration at the district court to protect the products even if the manufacturer goes bankrupt.
  • 600 € per year in the following year for the promotion and liability of the manufacturer as the responsible party in terms of the EEG.
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    VAT ID's of your company. If you have several VAT ID's, please enter not only the main one, but also the one that applies in Germany, if possible.

    Your company's national registration number, registration authority and registration date (please specify which state this number belongs to).

    IBAN Name of the owner

    Your company's activitiy fields (You can specify multiple branches or industries in which your company is active)

    For which goods is the WEEE number required? (Include all goods, their brands and product descriptions)

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