Amazon FBA Auditing & Reimbursement

Trust Getida to handle Amazon claims and receive funds for reinvestment in your business.

About Getida

Getida is an auditing company that covers over 20 different types of claims and specializes in securing FBA reimbursements for large claims. They also specialize in complex claims like pick and pack fees, monthly storage fees, and referral fee recovery.

You may miss out on some claims due to the complexity of reconciling mass data, and the depth levels such a process can require. However, Getida specialists will identify all opportunities for reimbursement from Amazon FBA. Getida is an authorized Amazon partner and a member of the Amazon Emerald program.

How Getida works:

1) Getida specialists conduct an initial audit of transactions for the past 18 months, during which they identify all missed reimbursement opportunities. Audits are then conducted regularly on a monthly basis.
2) They prepare all necessary documents for successful compensation.
3) They work on successful claim reconciliation and reimbursement.

Getida charges a 25% recovery fee. There are no other fees, so you only pay for the results obtained.

In partnership with Getida, we offer you a pleasant bonus – first $400 in FBA reimbursements FREE. No promo code needed. Follow the link, register, and let Getida recover your lost income.