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Seller Assistant App Review: Features, Benefits and Pricing

Every merchant selling on Amazon knows that selecting the right product is key to success. The product must be profitable, have good selling potential, and shouldn’t trigger problems when you sell it.

Product research reveals such products. Sellers who research hundreds of items daily know how routine and time-consuming this task is.

Luckily, efficient Amazon product research tools can assist you. Seller Assistant App is a popular product research extension helping sellers quickly and effortlessly find high-margin products to resell.

Keep reading to find out what is Seller Assistant App, how it can help you with product research, and how to use it for the best result.

What Is Seller Assistant App?

Seller Assistant App is a popular product research browser extension for online arbitrage and wholesale sellers. It combines an FBA Calculator, Advanced IP Alerts, Stock Checker, a Quick View, and a Restrictions Checker in one tool.

Seller Assistant App appears on Amazon products and searches pages and displays all essential information necessary for sellers. Based on that information, sellers can quickly and effortlessly decide if the product is worth purchasing for resale.

With Seller Assistant App, merchants can calculate ROI and Profit Margin and estimate product sales. You can analyze items’ sales history and identify if they trigger any issues, which allows avoiding problematic products. You can determine the competition level, check product restrictions and sales limitations, and stock availability. You can add product notes as well.

In addition, this extension allows exporting analyzed information to Google Sheets in one click. That helps easily save and process your product data.

How Seller Assistant App Helps Your Product Research?

Seller Assistant App lets sellers discover high-profit and low-competition products to resell on Amazon by viewing the essential product metrics right on the Amazon product and search pages.

Seller Assistant App helps sellers:

  • immediately get all valuable product information—ASIN, BSR, category, product dimensions, size tiers, UPC, EAN, model; current, minimum, and average price;
  • estimate product profitability with FBM & FBA Profit Calculator—product’s ROI, profit margin, break-even point; FBA Small & Light profit, targeted ROI price, the minimum price for Amazon repricer;
  • do competition analysis—see list of FBM and FBA offers, competitors’ prices and rating, FBM and FBA lowest prices;
  • add custom notes to any product on Amazon—the notes will be available on the Amazon search page, Amazon product page, Seller Central inventory page, and in your Seller Assistant App account; fill in Cost of Goods, source link, put likes and dislikes;
  • stay alert about the products that triggered account health issues with the Advanced IP Alert feature—a unique intellectual property claims alert system that gives you warnings about all account health issues triggered by specific products; data are updated automatically daily;
  • quickly see all product restrictions and alerts on the product and search pages with Seller Assistant App’s restrictions checker—get intellectual property claims, HazMat, oversize, meltable, fragile, and adult alerts;
  • calculate your estimated sales and profit with Sales and Profit Estimator—get total product sales and competition-based profit and sale estimation; see Keepa graph, BSR graph, and history, integrated BSR graph, BSR Drops for 30, 90, and 180 days, average prices for 30, 90, and 180 days;
  • check product variations with Variation Viewer—see product variations and percentage of reviews per variation;
  • set Google Sheets export in one click—more than 80 variables are available in easily customizable data export;
  • quickly search with lookup links—search on Google, Google Shopping, eBay, Walmart, Target, Webstaurant, Katom, The Home Depot, and Alibaba; get product lookup by title, model, UPC, and EAN; trademark and HazMat lookup link; quick links to the product description;
  • quickly analyze products with Quick View right on the search pages—see ASIN, BSR, category, FBM & FBA offers quantity; the number of FBM & FBA offers; add likes, notes, and source links; get IP and restrictions alerts;
  • get a calculation of your fees and expenses—referral and FBA fees; customizable 3rd-party logistics costs; and VAT schemes;
  • identify product stock with the Stock Checker—check total product stock currently available; stock available by the seller; stock available by seller type (FBA or FBM);
  • create sub-accounts for your employees and VAs.

Where Does Seller Assistant App Appear?

Seller Assistant App can appear in three places—on the Amazon product page, on the Amazon search results page, and the Inventory page in your Seller Central.

Seller Assistant App appears:

  • on the Amazon product page, it shows all dashboards with product information, alerts, profitability, competition, supplier search links, stock availability, and more;
  • on the Amazon search page, Seller Assistant App shows up under each product; it displays all the essential data about the product, which is necessary to see whether it’s worth buying;
  • on the inventory page in your Seller Central, the widget shows your marks and notes; it also provides a quick link to your product supplier.

You can select the places where Seller Assistant App will appear.

Seller Assistant App’s Features

Seller Assistant Apps is the perfect tool for online arbitrage, wholesale sellers, and dropshippers. It has all features necessary to find a profitable product to sell.

These features include FBA&FBM Calculator, Advanced IP Alerts, Stock Checker, Quick View, Restrictions Checker, and more.

FBA & FBM Calculator

Seller Assistant App’s FBA & FBM calculator lets you quickly calculate all essential product metrics. The extension calculates ROI and Profit Margin, considering Cost of Goods, sales tax on Cost of Goods, Amazon referral fee, FBA fee, VAT, monthly storage cost, and third-party logistics cost (shipping costs and preparation expenses, including extra costs on fragile products).

In the Fees and logistics costs box, the FBA&FBM calculator shows:

  • FBA or FBM costs;
  • ‘Fees’ show the total amount of Amazon commissions;
  • ‘R15%’ shows the Amazon Referral fee;
  • ‘Sto’ displays the cost of monthly storage of goods in Amazon warehouses;
  • ‘3PL’ indicates third-party logistics costs;
  • ‘Ship’ is the cost of shipping the item.

Sales and Profit Estimator

Seller Assistant App estimates sales velocity and calculates potential profit based on competitors' number, type, and price.

You can determine how many FBA merchants sell a product and estimate its potential sales. FBA and FBM columns in Seller Assistant App’s Product Information dashboard show the number of FBA and FBM sellers that sell items in the “New” condition.

There are two numbers in the line. The number on a blue background is the total number of merchants selling the product. The number on the white background next to it is the number of sellers whose offer is the Buy Box price + 5%.

If Amazon is a seller, the seller’s name is highlighted in red.

The ‘Est’ metric shows potential sales of the item.

Advanced IP Alert feature

Advanced IP Alert feature lets sellers verify sales restrictions, alerts, and flags. You can ensure the product didn’t trigger any problems with the seller account health in the past.

IP Alert feature shows that a product has suspected intellectual property violations, received intellectual property complaints, product authenticity customer complaints, product condition customer complaints, restricted product policy violations, and other product issues.

Seller Assistant App assists you in detecting potential problems with the product. The IP Alert feature will show a red triangle icon on the notification bar. That means that there have been problems with the product in the past.

Seller Assistant App has a unique intellectual property claims alert system that gives you warnings about all account health issues triggered by specific products. Data are updated automatically daily.

Product notifications feature

Each product has its own sales parameters. Some of them may have specific sales limitations. For example, glass products require additional packaging in bubble wrap, and oversized and HazMat products are stored in separate warehouses.

The Product notifications feature allows the detection of product sales limitations. It helps you estimate your expenses more accurately and avoid unexpected fees.

Seller Assistant App shows the following sales limitations:

  • oversize or fragile;
  • meltable;
  • adult product;
  • prohibited category product.

You'll see a corresponding icon in Seller Assistant App if a product has any sales limitations.

Seller Assistant App’s warnings:

  • a Red Triangle icon for IP alerts;
  • a Red Closed Lock icon for restricted products;
  • a Red Box icon for oversize;
  • a Red Drop icon for meltable;
  • a HazMat icon for the HazMat category;
  • an 18+ icon for adult products.

Restrictions Checker feature

When researching a product, you must check that it doesn’t belong to a restricted category or brand. If that is the case, you’ll need to get approval from Amazon to sell it.

The Restrictions Checker feature will show if you can sell a product on your account. A green Lock icon means that you can sell the item. The red Lock icon means you are not eligible to sell this product on your account.

Best Sellers Rank and sales history

Amazon doesn’t show how much the product sells. However, the Best Sellers Rank (BSR) indirectly indicates how well the product sells on Amazon.

You can find the BSR in the Seller Assistant App. If BSR is highlighted with green, it’s in the selling top 1% of its category. If it’s highlighted with red—it’s not in the top 1%.

A green arrow pointing down indicates a drop in BSR. A red arrow pointing up indicates an increase in BSR.

Stock Checker

To plan inventory replenishment and turnover, you must know how much stock your competitors have remaining. With a Stock Checker, sellers can see how many products are left in competitors’ stock. Seller Assistant App shows the remaining items for all sellers and the total amount of inventory.

Custom notes feature

With the Custom notes feature, you can add messages or notes to the products and review them every time you open the product page. You can edit notes, filter products with or without notes, and search by notes field.

You can like or dislike a product and add a supplier link or custom notes. The notes will be available on the Amazon search page, Amazon product page, Seller Central inventory page, and in your Seller Assistant App account. You can also save notes to Google Sheets.

Custom notes feature

Product Quick View feature shows ASIN, BSR, and category, whether Amazon is among the sellers, as well as the number of FBA and FBM sellers right on the search page. Moreover, Seller Assistant App’s Quick View widget shows product restrictions and IP alerts for all products on Amazon search pages. Additionally, you can like or dislike products, take notes, and add supplier links.

Export to Google Sheets

Seller Assistant App’s Export to Google Sheets feature allows saving all your researched product details to Google Sheets in one click. More than 50 product characteristics are available to customize your data export.

Seller Assistant App Pricing

Seller Assistant App offers a flexible pricing model. You can get a 14-Day free trial and don’t need to provide credit card information for that.

After the trial period expires, users can choose between a monthly subscription for $15/month (billed monthly) or an annual subscription for $150/year (billed annually).

You can also use a free reduced version that includes some of the Seller Assistant App’s features. For Amazon businesses, Seller Assistant App offers team plans.

Final Thoughts

Seller Assistant App is a popular new-generation product research tool offering an impressive portfolio of valuable and handy features. It allows Amazon sellers to perform advanced product analysis and sales estimations.

Seller Assistant App is equally helpful for FBA beginners and Amazon professionals. It’s a must-have tool for all sellers engaged in product research.

Seller Assistant Аpp is an all-in-one extension incorporating features vital for product research. Advanced IP Alerts can immediately tell you if a product has any sales restrictions or has led to problems with account health in the past. It combines an FBM&FBA profit calculator, Quick View, Stock Checker, and Restrictions Checker in one tool.

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