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Low-Price FBA Instead of Small&Light

From September 26th, Amazon ceased the Small & Light program in Europe, following the termination in the United States on August 29. This program was tailored for fulfilling orders of small, light, and inexpensive items at specially reduced FBA rates. However, delivery for such items was comparatively slower.

Now Amazon has changed the rules. The new rates are still lower than standard FBA rates (by around $0.7), but higher than the previous Small & Light rates (by approximately $0.3). Additionally, the delivery follows regular FBA terms.

These new rates are automatically applied based on the product’s price:
– $10 in the US (it was $12 in the Small&Light program);
– £10 in the UK;
– €11 in Germany;
– €12 in France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands;
– SEK 140 in Sweden;
– PLN 55 in Poland.
*Prices include VAT.

Consequently, those sellers who were not previously enrolled in the Small & Light program benefit the most. They now simply receive lower commissions.

Sellers who were part of the previous program have to compromise – higher fees, but faster delivery.

Fulfillment-Box Solution

Low-Price FBA still adheres to FBA’s standard requirements. The benefits of lower rates might be offset entirely by FBA expenses and penalties.

Therefore, we offer you top-notch services from the Prep Center:

1) We handle comprehensive product preparation, including labeling, and transit shipments.
2) Our extensive warehouse network allows you to prepare inexpensive products for shipment to FBA in both the US and Europe.
3) With over 10 years of FBA experience, we thoroughly understand all requirements and flawlessly comply with them.
4) For the US, there’s currently a special rate of just $3 for shipping boxes to FBA warehouses.

Unlock the potential of small, low-cost items with FBA Prep Сenter services

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