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Returns processing warehouse in Germany is three years old

On December 1st, at Fulfillment-Box, we’re celebrating an important milestone for our company – three years of warehouse operations in Görlitz.

It’s essential to note that the Fulfillment-Box warehouse in Gerlitz is not a standard fulfillment center. It specializes exclusively in the processing of returns within Germany.

“Our goal was to establish a major center in Germany capable of promptly and effectively handling returns. We understand how crucial and critical this process is for both our clients and the e-commerce business as a whole. Hence, we aimed to offer entrepreneurs a genuinely professional solution.”
Vitali Grenz, founder of Fulfillment-Box network

Returns in e-commerce are akin to the submerged part of an iceberg. The returns handling process receives minimal attention at the launch of an e-commerce business, yet it can result in the most significant losses.

How the returns processing is structured impacts numerous facets:
– The overall impression on the buyer and their willingness to make repeat purchases.
– Product reviews and the company’s rating overall (especially on Amazon).
– The ability to offset losses through re-selling returned items.
– Warehouse organization – clutter due to unprocessed returns and items for disposal.

That’s why, at Fulfillment-Box, we prioritize reverse logistics. Specialized software and a trained, experienced team of specialists make the returns processing at our warehouse highly optimized and automated. If you’re seeking a reliable partner in Germany for managing returns processing, you’ve come to the right place!

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