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Prime durch Verkäufer mit DHL: Wie man beginnen kann

For participants in Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) program, maintaining high delivery standards is both an important requirement and a major challenge. For a long time, DPD was the only approved delivery service in Germany. From 2022, however, another logistics giant will be available in the form of DHL.

This event has attracted great interest from suppliers, as DHL is one of the world's leading logistics companies. Currently, DHL operates in more than 220 countries worldwide. In 2021, it was also one of the top five ocean and air freight companies in the world. In Germany, DHL is the most popular delivery service, and many sellers have been waiting for it to become available for SFP.

Today, we will provide you with all the details of collaborating with DHL for processing SFP orders and the steps you need to take to benefit from this opportunity.

1. How to fulfill SFP orders via DHL

DHL is a global leading logistics company, processing over 1 billion shipments annually, making it one of the market leaders in the global logistics industry. As a logistics partner, DHL offers several delivery options:

  • DHL Parcel: This is DHL's standard shipping option, offering fast and reliable domestic delivery choices.
  • DHL Parcel International: These are DHL's international shipping options.
  • DHL Warenpost: This is a fast and cost-effective delivery option for small parcels. The ability to send compact parcels expands the range of products that can participate in the Seller Fulfilled Prime program.
  • However, to use DHL for the delivery of SFP orders, you need to meet several requirements:

  • Become a DHL business customer
  • Ship a minimum of 10,000 packages per year.
  • Prepare your goods for shipment by 14:30 every day. DHL picks up the packages every day at 2:30 pm. This means that all your orders received before 1:00 pm must be ready before the arrival of the carrier.
  • Adhere to the package size requirements. Parcels sent through DHL Warenpost must not exceed a height of 3 cm. For all other shipments, the maximum height is 5 cm.
  • Provide labels in PDF or ZPL (Zebra Programming Language) formats.
  • Accept the terms of use for DHL Parcel in Seller Central.

It is extremely important that DHL ships your shipments on the day they are picked up. As a participant in the Seller Fulfilled Prime program, you are required to process and ship orders on the day they are placed on the platform. Amazon considers delivery on time if the shipment's label was scanned on the day the order was placed.

Coordinate a shipping schedule with DHL. This will ensure timely delivery and compliance with Prime standards on Amazon.

2. How to link your Seller Central account with DHL: step-by-step instructions

To link your Seller Central account with DHL for the execution of SFP orders, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your Seller Central account

Sign in to your Amazon Seller Central account using your login credentials. After logging in, go to "Settings" and select "Account Information" from the menu. On the opened page, in the "Shipping and Returns Information" section, choose "Buy Delivery Preferences."

Step 2: Link your DHL account

On the "Buy Delivery Preferences" page, you'll see a list of available logistics partners. Find DHL in the list and select the option "Link account" next to DHL.

Step 3: Enter your DHL account information

Fill out the necessary information for your DHL account. This will require your DHL credentials and the account numbers for your preferred shipping methods.

Step 4: Confirm and complete the settings

After entering all the necessary information, make sure they are correct, and click on "Submit".

Step 5: Accept the terms and conditions of DHL Parcel

On the "Merchant Fulfillment API registration" page, check the box next to "DHL Paket" and click "Submit."

After completing the setup, your Seller Central account is successfully linked to DHL, and you can use it for the delivery of SFP orders on Amazon.

3. How a seller can simplify the fulfillment of SFP orders via DHL: a solution from Fulfillment-Box

If you want to use DHL for processing orders within the Seller Fulfilled Prime program, Fulfillment-Box can provide you with the necessary support. You won't need to spend time registering with the logistics company to obtain a customer number. We streamline this process by providing our own customer number. This significantly accelerates the commencement of shipping your SFP orders via DHL.

We collaborate with different shipping options - DHL Parcel, DHL Parcel International, and DHL Warenpost. Regardless of the shipping method you select, Fulfillment-Box offers support and integration for all of them.

Furthermore, at Fulfillment-Box, we have an established partnership with DHL. Coordinated regular parcel pickups, system integration with DHL, and the ability to print the necessary labels in the correct format are in place.


DHL offers a flexible and efficient alternative that can complement the business strategy of Seller Fullfilled Prime on Amazon. When all the necessary requirements are met, it provides a variety of tools and resources to ensure high-quality and reliable delivery of Prime orders.

The decision to partner with DHL hinges on your business's individual requirements and objectives. Nevertheless, it undeniably represents a substantial opportunity for SFP sellers on Amazon to conduct international shipments at more competitive rates, diversify their product offerings, and cater to a broader customer audience.

Fulfillment-Box, in turn, provides a comprehensive solution for handling Seller Fulfilled Prime orders through DHL. Optimized logistics processes allow you to reduce shipping costs and deliver your orders quickly to your customers.

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