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What is pick, pack and ship in fulfillment?

What is actually meant by "pick, pack and ship" when we talk about the fulfillment process? Pick, pack and ship are the three most important steps in the order fulfillment process. These operations start as soon as a buyer checks out in an online shop. The orders can be handled very effectively by applying the latest ecommerce pick and pack fulfillment methods. First, let's look at the definitions.

1. Definition of the pick, pack and ship process

1.1. Picking:

In this phase, goods are removed from the shelves of a warehouse according to the printed or digital customer receipt. Fast and error-free picking is important for every company, because efficient picking means excellent customer service. And satisfied customers are usually the decisive factor for competitiveness and thus for sales. The price of inaccurate fulfillment is high: for example, if the wrong components are brought to a production line, the entire fulfillment process comes to a standstill until the right parts can finally be properly provided.

1.2. Packing:

After all the goods have been collected, they are taken to the packaging line. Here, a packer selects the appropriate packaging material, packs, secures and labels the package, and makes it ready for transport.

1.3. Shipping:

After that, the packages are sorted and taken to the loading area. Here they are finally taken over by carriers and shipped to the buyers.

2. Pick and pack methods in fulfillment

There are a diverse ecommerce pick and pack methods utilized by fulfillment centers that could be right for you, depending on the size and nature of your business.

2.1. Piece picking

This technique is the most popular and undoubtedly the simplest - one order at a time is picked up by one employee. Although this tec